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ERASMUS 2022-1-ES02-KA210-YOU-000084407

Our main objective is to improve, through mutual learning, the way in which we can use the COMPASS Manual in our trainings, in our activities with young people, directly influencing the development and commitment to the Defence of Human Rights.

Sometimes happens that extraordinary tools, magnificently designed, do not permeating the lower levels of society because they are not replicated or properly understood. We want this project to be a framework in which we can reflect, transfer and provide ourselves with a suitable framework and contribute to the visibility of the COMPASS Manual. We also want it to help us work towards the Sustainable development goals for 2030, and to help our institutions to become multiplier entities in the complex historical moment we are living through.

Therefore, we will elaborate a summary for youth workers, useful and easy to apply, which compiles practices and working tools obtained from the COMPASS Manual and allows us to work with young people at risk of exclusion.

2 transnational activities will be implemented in which we will work together on the development of a summary. This will be a real experience of youth workers through the implementation of activities taken from the COMPASS Manual with young people at risk of exclusion. The final summary will be available in English, Spanish and Serbian.

To get more information, visit our project website.

Our Partner



EU4ALL originated from the informal activities of its university in Serbia and is composed of teachers who were already engaged in non-formal education within this context. It is a recently founded organization, established in September 2021, with the aim of achieving international recognition. Among its objectives and areas of focus are: enhancing the quality of citizens’ lives in terms of education, arts, and culture; increasing the level of information and its accessibility for citizens of all ages, both locally and globally, while combatting the spread of misinformation; enhancing the online safety of children, youth, and adults in the realm of the internet and social networks; fostering cultural, sporting, and academic awareness; providing education and professional development for the youth and elderly; addressing unemployment; promoting entrepreneurship, particularly among the younger population, and safeguarding citizens’ rights.

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