This advanced English course is designed for upper-intermediate students who wish to deepen and refine their skills in all areas of English: reading, writing,
listening and speaking. Through a balanced focus on the four language skills, participants will broaden their knowledge of the language and improve their
ability to communicate effectively in different contexts.


  • To improve fluency, accuracy and comprehension in English conversation.
  • To reinforce advanced grammar and the appropriate use of complex structures.
  • To expand vocabulary with specific terms for professional and everyday contexts.
  • Develop advanced skills in critical reading and comprehension of complex texts.
  • Improve written expression with an emphasis on formal and creative writing.

Evaluation of the course. Certificates.

Price: 1272 € including Hotel (3 or 4 stars) 6 nights. Breakfast, three lunches. Social dinner. Guided Tour Granada.

AIFED is a local organization that operates in the fields of training, culture, and employment in Granada, Spain since 2007.

AIFED collaborates with other local, regional, national, and international agencies in organizing cultural and training activities to promote innovation and access to employment.

Our association develops programs and employment support activities, promotes the development and promotion of volunteer programs, supports the integration of e-learning into education and vocational training.

We also aim to bring citizens closer to European institutions through our participation in European programs.

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