Project no. 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081988

The project Estrecomp - Introducing entrepreneurial competences - Entrecomp for adults living in rural areas, is progressing successfully.

The consortium of this project aims to foster rural activity as well as entrepreneurial skills and to be able to provide adult educators with the necessary tools and transfer them to the target group of the project, women, migrants and people with low qualifications.

While it is true that we can notice a certain increase of entrepreneurial activities in rural areas reinventing life in the countryside, because after suffering a pandemic, the future may not only be in smart cities. However, are they provided with the necessary tools? what facilities are available to those who wish to start up a business in rural areas, and what if those interested in undertaking this entrepreneurial adventure were women?

In order to achieve our research, the consortium have carried out local interviews to women living in rural areas in five cities that belongs to the consortium. The members of the consortium are: AIFED (Granada, Spain); Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (Austria); Systeme in Bewegung e. V (Winsen, Germany); Progetto Marconi (Torino, Italy) and European Alpe Adria Pannonia Cluster (Novi Sad, Serbia).

After data collection, it has been possible to clarify difficulties, needs, necessary support, as well as the experiences of these women and the benefits they have obtained once their projects have been launched.

In terms of difficulties, the most frequently mentioned is the economic and bureaucratic obstacle. Secondly, the lack of education received and the lack of access to information. In addition, most of the women interviewed mentioned the added difficulties of being a woman and an entrepreneur in a man's world.

Among the needs expressed, the lack of financing is the main obstacle for these women, followed by the lack of support from other professionals in the sector. We also mentioned the lack of social support in some cases, as these women carry out jobs that have always been considered to be men's work. However, other women interviewed tell us how they have served as an example for other women in their communities, which has helped them to continue with their projects.

As the main benefits of entrepreneurship, they highlight first of all the possibility of contributing something new and positive to the community and the benefits of living in a rural area. Finally, the women emphasise the feeling of freedom after having developed their businesses.

From AIFED, we consider socio-cultural values as key elements to overcome any disparity and we expose the benefits that society obtains from the contributions of any individual to a sustainable development of the rural environment.

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