What’s Wrong With You – “WWW You”

2023-TR01-KA210-ADU-000183214 What’s Wrong With You - “www you”

The aim of this project is to ensure the mental health well-being of individuals who are at various mental health risks, socio-economically disadvantaged, or have limited access to mental health services. To achieve this objective and reach a large population, we will utilize digitalization as a powerful tool. By leveraging digital technologies, we can provide accessible and effective mental health support to those who need it most, overcoming barriers related to geography, socio-economic status, and limited-service availability. Through this approach, we strive to improve mental health outcomes and enhance the quality of life for vulnerable populations.

The project focused on enhancing mental health well-being through digital tools encompasses several innovative activities. These initiatives are pivotal in addressing mental health risks, socio-economic disparities, and the limited accessibility to mental health services faced by many individuals.

1. Situation Reports: Comprehensive data gathering to assess current mental health challenges and needs.

2. Developing an Educational Program of Digital Mental Health Literacy: Creating a program to educate on mental health issues and coping strategies using digital platforms.

3. Learning Portal: Providing a centralized hub for mental health resources, information, and community support.

4. Digital Mental Health Literacy Resilience Development Platform: Establishing a platform to promote digital literacy and resilience in managing mental health.

These activities empower individuals, reduce stigma, and improve access to effective mental health support globally.

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