Sustainability as the art … of resilience

Sustainability as the art … of resilience


The project is rooted upon the need to exchange good practices as regards the activation and accession of the resilience literacy as the capacity of people to creatively adapt, using art and culture contents and toolset as an essential dimension, referring to art and culture both in their universal sense, as well as to arts-based culture public perception and experience are shaped.

The context and the objectives:

We live at a time when everyone is being called upon to react and recover from the disruptions caused by global crisis such as the negative impacts of climate change or the current health crisis, just to name two. The educational institutions as well as the cultural and creative sectors are not exempt. On the other hand, disruptions to social, economic and natural systems were on-going phenomena, as a consequence of the changing climate along with other global environmental issues, to the point where adaptation and mitigation policies and initiatives at regional and global scales have mainstreamed and deemed as increasingly relevant the roadmap and the processes towards the resilience as the capacity of people and communities to creatively adapt.

The project participants will physically meet to exchange good practices based upon the connection between art and sustainability towards individual and social resilience, helping the design and introduction of innovative pedagogies, to extend and develop the competences of educators and other professionals who support adult learners to face unprecedented risks, and societal challenges, thus contributing to the recovery resilience of the educational, cultural and creative sectors.

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