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The human mind evolved with stories and is shaped by them. Good storytelling can motivate people to do incredible things and is a tremendous advantage in communication. Education and learning are no exception. The world of storytelling is a vast one. It covers the entire world and everything in it, and every century in which there is a record of storytelling having taken place. There is no known culture without some form of storytelling, and the craving to know “what comes next” has been felt by every human being, regardless of age, gender, culture, or century.

Stories also can be used for educational purposes. Storytelling provides other growth opportunities, as stories help listeners to see through another’s eyes and to share the protagonist’s feelings of anger, fear, or love—all from a safe place. Perhaps best of all, stories stretch the imagination. The teller takes the listener to distant places where remarkable things happen. And once stretched, an imagination stays stretched.

Within this project we aim to use the power of stories to ignite creativity in adults and develop their resilience skills and capacity to come up with innovative solutions for different challenges.

For this, 2 Intellectual Outputs will be developed:

IO1: Research and Collection of Stories

Each partner will make a research at local level (regional, national) and collect at least 15 stories that have meaning within the project objectives. The stories will be “tested” with groups of adults at local level – testing that they do have a meaning and they trigger feelings and behaviours.

IO2: Training Course Modules

The training course aim to capacitate adult educators to use storytelling in developing adults creativity, resilience and promote the social inclusion of vulnerable groups. There will be 6 modules for this training course.

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Our Partners

More About The Project


In this video we can see Dr. Neli Stefanova, a specialist psychiatrist from Bulgaria, who shared with us three stories, showing how sometimes seemingly small things can really transform people, give them back hope, desire and joy to live fully. She told us three real stories about how art, how a good example and how chance meetings can change three different lives. She started with a woman’s life, then a retired man and last her neighbour.

The purpose of the “Power of Stories” project is precisely the telling of stories to develop creativity, improve self-esteem and promote the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Thanks to Dr. Stefanova for sharing with us these three stories!

Our partner Augoust Vermelylenfonds, from Belgium, has collected for our project This beatiful story.

It is because of stories like these that we are sure that the stories have the power to change our mind. Enjoy!!

Discover in this video some of the results of our investigation
This research is part of our IO2: Training modules for adult educators – Using stories for adult creativity and empowerment.
  • Use of storytelling as traditions in Europe (oral traditions)
  • Stories to bring us closer. Stories to know the trajectory of immigrants
  • Intergenerational conversations, critical thinking and different perspectives getting values
  • How to change the mindsets of our community through storytelling

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