Youth On The Empowerment

About the project

Concerning the priorities of the Strategy 20/20 and to what the Commission proposes to achieve those 20/20 goals; it is the target of our project to prepare an innovative common methodology to give our students better educational levels through strong leadership, commitment and an effective mechanism in order to change attitudes and practices. That is, strengthen knowledge and innovation in the educational sector as the main guides to improve our future growth. This requires improving the quality of our education, promoting innovation and knowledge transfer. In our project we will address Vocational Training within an integrated approach, encompassing key and vocational competences. It is our intention in this project to create a new methodology by experts, and to pass it to teachers in order to educate their students to the fact that they must assume long life learning. We want to design an empowerment strategy to make the students responsible of their own professional and personal life in order to improve young people´s entry into the labour market through an integrated action covering counselling, guidance and empowerment. The project idea is the creation of a methodology based on “units of competence” that vocational and college students will acquire as a training course; in this new methodology will be included activities of non-formal education to strengthen the vocational skills, the leadership of young.

Through formal education programs the student acquires knowledge about a subject, with practice learn to put into practice the knowledge in a particular case, this process must be completed with non-formal education programs help to improve social skills, leadership, entrepreneurship to strengthen the student and face a competitive job market.

To validate the methodology the 7 partners involved (6 from European Union and one third country) want promote the use, test and implement ECVET by applying it to the qualification of the course according to the ECVET guidelines.

Our target group is vocational students (from 17 to 24 years) before beginning their internship in business, for employers to identify something added to them. Participants are students of intermediate level of VET (start your year theoretical and practical 16 years with 17) and high degree (they start the theorical year at least with 18, 19 years old). Will be included a percentage of immigrants and people with disabilities (WP4).

Our aim is to empower them and strengthen good practice across a new methology designed by experts, implemented by teachers and having as final users those vocational training students previously mentioned. The new methodology will be implemented to fit the students’ psychological maturity which will help them to develop another set of skills and capabilities that provide a better social integration or employability. Eurostat estimates that 26.061 million men and women in the EU-27, were unemployed in November 2012.

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