The overall objective of this project is to provide digital training tools for adult educators with an approach based on the methodology of gamification, that is the use of play methodologies as a teaching and educational resource. The project has six specific objectives:

  • 1. Avoid the monotony of traditional approaches to teaching.
  • 2. Make the learning process enjoyable, fun, participative and dynamic for adults participating in a training/educational action
  • 3. Increase the digitisation of participants in the teaching-learning process, on the one hand for educators, who will have to make use of ICT, and on the other hand for learners, who will acquire digital competences and skills by making use of online games
  • 4. More inclusive education that facilitates learning for adults who have fewer opportunities to access training
  • 5.  Creating tools that can be understood by immigrants with poor reading and writing skills
  • 6.  Provide educators with new skills for the digital age that can also be applied during the classroom.

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