Play and nature for learning. Designing together inclusion strategies

Erasmus+ ES KA210-YOU-0E0512CA

The project “Play and nature for learning. Designing together inclusion strategies” is a synergetic and beneficial collaboration to promote self-learning by the members of the participating organisations to improve the techniques used in training young people in inclusion and diversity, using as fundamental values those derived from the practice of sport and the protection of the environment (teamwork, empathy, tolerance, working for the common good, feeling of equality, assuming one’s own responsibilities, assertiveness).

In this project, three transnational activities will be implemented in which all partner organisations will work together to develop the manual containing the new methodology for educating young people in inclusion with values drawn from sport and nature.

The expected results of the project are:


  1. Development of a complete manual with the methodology designed during the project to educate young people in inclusion in natural spaces and through sport.
  2. Strengthening of the relationships between organisations to encourage cooperation in future projects.
  3. Supporting peer-to-peer self-learning.
  4. Enrichment of the associations’ networks by making the developed manual available to them.
  5. Promoting the inclusion of young people at risk.