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 “The typical gastronomy of Algarve and Andalusia is rich, varied and very characteristic. It is also representative of a Mediterranean and balanced diet, as well as the national gastronomy of Spain and Portugal”.

This project was born with the intention of promoting the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the Algarve and Andalusia regions. Both areas are rich in high quality products and the aim is to promote fair and local trade of these products, which unites the two regions and reactivates the local economy.

The project emphasizes the importance of knowing products and promoting local consumption.

The day will focus on the promotion of products and will invite local producers, representatives of regional, local and regional public administrations and hotel companies, potential consumers of these products to incorporate them in their restaurants and hotels.

Two days will be held, one in Granada and the other in Vilamoura, with the aim of promoting local products. In Granada you will discover the products of the Algarve and in Algarve you will discover the products of Granada. The day will take place with tastings of products, explanation of the origin of the product, recipes and sale at the cost price of the products.

Our Partner


Brave Kangaroo Lda

Brave Kangaroo Lda, is a privately held limited liability company active in the hospitality industry in Portugal. Based in Vilamoura in the heart of the Algarve, Brave Kangaroo operates restaurant and catering businesses focussing on delivering culturally diverse exceptional food and dining experiences with primary influences from Scandinavian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean heritages. Sustainable business practice is a cornerstone focus as is the desire to offer heathy and inspiring vegetarian and vegan menu items.

Brave Kangaroo also offer training and educational internships for aspiring individuals of the culinary arts that desire to hone their skills and reach a next level of experience in a culturally diverse environment.

“English in the kitchen and Restaurant English ” are other parts of the educational program Brave Kangaroo is offering to kitchen staff and floor staff in the Algarve, due to the face that one of the owners is an English teacher since the mid -90s.

As a company, Brave Kangaroo seeks to create a highly diverse work force with owners and employees having seven different nationalities to which additional cultural family heritages can be added. Brave Kangaroo also prides itself as being a woke organisation dedicated to the equal opportunity of all individuals, irrespective of cultural background, faith and gender identity.


Jornada de Intercambio gastronómico


On 7 March, the first gastronomic day took place in Vilamoura (Portugal), as part of our Project “ Jornada gastronómica Andalucía – Algarve, founded by the Autonomous Government of Andalucía JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA, (Eurorregión Andalucia – Algarve – INTERREG PROGRAM). We have presented several national products of Spanish origin to taste, including typical recipes and wine tastings. Attendees were also able to enjoy a great tasting of Spanish beers and sausages, emphasising the importance of promoting and encouraging the consumption of these products in both regions. The event was attended by local producers, representatives of regional, local and regional public administrations and hotel companies, potential consumers of these products to incorporate them in their restaurants and hotels. It was an exceptional and excellent event to learn more about the gastronomy and products of the neighbouring regions.

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Granada is a city in the autonomous community of Andalusia, the Genil River and the Sierra Nevada, which conditions its climate.

The gastronomy and typical food of Granada is represented by dishes composed mainly by fresh products of the region such as vegetables and meats. It is also worth mentioning the importance of tapas in the bars of Granada, since gastronomy is one of the great attractions of the province of Granada.

Are presented in the following brochure some of the most typical recipes of Granada and products such as wines produced in Alpujarra (located in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada), cheeses, sausages in fact the sausages of Granada are very well known, the typical vegetables produced in Motril (Granada Coast) and sweets. The aim of this brochure is to present the typical products and recipes in fact the day will focus on the promotion of products and invite local producers.

In the brochure are presented recipes and their stories: – Beans with ham, green asparagus, Riofrio caviar, Granda cheeses, wines of Granada, the most famous dessert: the Piononos, the sausages: the salchicion, the chorizo, the black pudding. We also present the liqueurs and fruits grown in Granada Raspberries typical of the Alpujarra, custard apples, avocado, tomatoes from Motril.

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