The family is the smallest system in European society.
The starting point for the construction of democracy and social change, and therefore
deserves special support.
Thanks to our counseling and education work, we know families are always looking for
help on similar issues, which "hooks" on almost all of the same places. We wonder if
this is the case in the European Community everywhere, the Greek, German and
Austrian Fathers have the same problems. And as with our partners, read solutions to
these problems and the like.
What forms of good communication, dealing with money, education (media), family
reconciliation and work did parents find in other European countries?
What suggestions can we get from other organizations that have parents and children,
how can we improve our work?
To find out, we exchanged ideas in a consortium of DE, AT, BG, ES and GR and,
therefore, become more professional. Experience has found that many parents feel
relieved to discover that they are not alone in their problems. Therefore, we will
disseminate the results of the project through an online article that describes the
management of family problems in comparison with other European countries and
shows different solutions.
This completes the main objective, an additional professionalization of our
organizations. Therefore, the direct target groups are the employees of the
organizations that, through their work, carry out the results to other organizations and
to the indirect target group of parents and families.
Not only do individual organizations benefit from European exchanges, but families can
also have the feeling that other people in Europe are similar to them, the feeling for the
European community. In previous projects, where each organization has been
involved, all documents the impression that "Europe works better on a small scale":
direct human contact, and where this is not possible, knowledge of families and similar
to Europe, leads to mutual understanding and sympathy across national borders, which
today threatens to solidify again. The consortium plans to make greater use of the
similarities and solutions found in a monitoring project.