Learning Workshop for Sustainable Environmental Protection LWS

Learning Workshop for Sustainable Environmental Protection LWS

CONTRATO 2021 -2- DE02-KA220-VET-000049473

The project “Learning Workshop for Sustainable Environmental Protection” develops and tests innovative learning workshops in 5 occupational fields. They are intended to address sustainable environmental and climate protection in vocational education and training.

These job-specific 5 learning workshops are based on a general concept that is developed in the project. For this purpose, a qualification concept for the teaching staff, who train in the learning workshops, as well as quality standards for this qualification concept are created. This ensures that not only field-tested concepts for learning workshops are available, but also that personnel can be trained for them, who are qualified according to the same standards throughout Europe.

The project as a whole strives for a holistic portfolio of results that can be used in both vocational education and training.

In the project, 6 partners from 5 member states of the European Union work together for 2 years. They come from Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Spain and Germany and are vocational training institutions and socio-economic training providers and companies.

The project will run from March 2022 to February 2024.

Meet our coordinator and partners

Our results

The “Learning Workshop for Sustainable Environmental Protection” project develops and tests innovative learning workshops in 5 occupational fields. They are designed to address sustainable environmental and climate protection in vocational training. 

Project results PR1: Development and implementation of learning workshops on sustainable climate and environmental protection in vocational training.

Project results PR2
: 5 Occupation-specific learning workshops.



Project results PR3: Qualification concept for pedagogical staff.

Project results PR3: Quality standards for the qualification concept for pedagogical staff.

We have celebrated the fifth online meeting of our project

We keep working on!!
On 14 February of this year the fifth meeting of the LWS-Learning Workshop for Sustainable Environmental Protection (LWS) (pol. Workshop of Practical Skills in the Field of Environmental Sustainability) was held. The meeting, held remotely, saw the collaboration of the partners of Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and Spain, collaborate and discuss to finalize a summary of the work proposed about the second half of the project.
Sustainability was addressed in a different way by each partner collaborating in the development of the project.
During the meeting Aifed has presented its research has focused its work on researching sustainability education in the hospitality and catering sector.
Through interviews and research, it was seen that in Spain, although sustainability is encouraged through laws, projects and activities to increase its use, it is still a difficult issue to apply pragmatically in, for example, the training and education of young workers in the catering and hospitality fields.
The Spanish catering sector is working to achieve the goals of Agenda 2030:

  • Cooperating in objectives between hoteliers
  • Quality education and training
  • Gender equality
  • Decent work and econonomic growth
  • Actions for the climate and strong work for justice and peace

In the search for examples of sustainable catering, an example of a restaurant that deals with and pursues examples of good practice in terms of sustainability is the K&Co restaurant at Puente la Reina, 25 in Madrid. This restaurant won the National Hospitality Award for its commitment to sustainability and is the first in Spain with the highest score of the international Ecocook label, which guarantees the practices of excellence and sustainability implemented.

But other actions were encouraged, with the focus on sustainability:

  • Hostellería de España, for example, have created an awareness campaign to promote actions with the aim of reducing atmospheric pollution
  • #PorElClima, is an online platform, initiative in the hotel industry sector, to develop good environmental practices
  • The hotel sector actively participates with Ecovidrio, to manage the recycling of glass containers
  • Various actions are underway to reduce the environmental impact in many aspects such as lighting, water and air conditioning.

In order to be more conscious of our resources and to advance environmental sustainability within the catering industry, there is a need for the use of good practices regarding resource use and waste management.

The interviews carried out with the participation of representatives of the industries was the intellectual result n. 2 of the project, together with the realization of the status and scope of development of laboratory programs and practical skills in the field of environmental protection and sustainably.

The meeting also discussed how to implement the promotion and evaluation of the project.

In the next meeting, which will be held in early May, the partners will present the final versions of the training workshop programs, illustrating their work.

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