The power of Storytelling

The project « The power of stories » (2020-1-ES01-KA227-ADU-095529) coordinated by AIFED (Spain) and implemented with the following partners AUGUST VERMEYLEFONDS (Belgium), CONTEMPORARY PLEVEN MEDIA FOUNDATION (Bulgaria) and EYROPAIKO INSTITOYTO TOPIKHS ANAPTYKSHS (Greece) aims to use the power of stories to ignite creativity and develop resilience skills and capacity to come up with innovative solutions for different challenges with adults.

Storytelling is an ancient art form and a valuable form of human expression. It uses words, gestures and physical movement, is an interactive way of communication, presents a story and encourages the active imagination of the listeners.

Telling stories never gets old, our minds need narration and stories nurture our brains with ideas, values and beliefs. It can largely influence how we think, how we make decisions and how we can persuade others with our ideas.

Actually, stories are the most effective way of organizing information and spreading ideas, it's a powerful way of communication and is a methodology that needs to be taught to the youth since it can really impact people and allow them to develop new communication and persuasion skills.

Stories have purposes, they need to be relevant to the experiences, values and interests of the targeted audience. They have to be clear and interesting to catch the listener's ears.

When you tell a story to your audience, the whole brain is mobilized. Not only the language or mathematical areas, but also the emotional and memory centres (limbic system); but also, the areas associated with sensory and motor perceptions, therefore your audience's brain activates the same areas as if they were experiencing the events narrated! The use of storytelling is the best way to make people have in mind what you mean and want to talk about and as a consequence convince your audience and make them relate to you.

AIFED truly supports this communication tool and believes in the power of stories and storytelling that is why the team is always working on innovative methodologies and aims at promoting the use of storytelling in the education field. This project promotes storytelling and the importance of stories.

Stories matter since they are universal, that is why AIFED aims at promoting storytelling practices, they help us to understand our place in the world, to comprehend other people's perspectives, they tell us how to act wisely and shape our perspective of the world. Listening to each other also builds empathy, forges trust, and creates deeper connections. It is also a highly effective way to unite emotions with meaning and intention.

Emma Revillet