“Talking about SDGs from ReFal Andalucía” crossing seas #refalinterculturalidad

The AIFED team has participated this July 2 in a meeting in Morocco, with different associations of the Euro-Mediterranean region, publicizing different projects carried out within the framework of the Anna Lindh foundation. Among the initiatives that we have presented, we talk about our SDG project, helping to make visible the work that all the organizations have carried out and the objectives that have been achieved during the process.

This project has been especially cared for and enjoyed by the participating organizations, because not only have we learned by seeking more information about what is being done to fulfill the 2030 Agenda, but we have also been able to be more aware of the inequalities that still exist and Above all, we have collaborated in the dissemination and training of all young people who use social networks and have been bombarded by these publications.

Final meeting of the project “Talking about SDGs from ReFal Andalucía” #refalinterculturalidad

The project has come to an end, and on June 30 the last meeting was held with all the participating associations, in which the results obtained at a general and individual level were shared. A new alliance was proposed for the realization of future collaborative projects and the e-book and video of the project was also officially presented.

The Agenda for the fulfillment of the SDGs reaches the year 2030, which is why it was established as a priority that organizations continue working on the creation of projects that will lead to the visibility of the SDGs, and above all, that encourage the population to its fulfillment, at the end of the day, the responsibility to end inequalities, belongs to everyone.

Stay tuned to the AIFED social networks, and to our website, here you can find all the information that has been published about the SDGs, as well as the video and the e-book, and much more.

Presentation of the E-book and Video of the project “Talking about ODS from ReFal Andalucía” #refalinterculturalidad

The work behind this project has resulted in two audiovisual elements that help bring together all the work done during the project. In brief you will be able to find the e-book and the video in the social networks of AIFED, for the moment, I leave you the link to the e-book so that you can see it, download it and share it with those who consider they can learn even more about ODS.

E-book link: https://designrr.page/?id=104552&token=1012289220&type=FP&h=5002

Tomorrow, both the e-book and the video will be officially presented to all the partners, during the closing meeting of the project, where, among other topics, they will talk about the realization of future collaborations between the associations to continue working in this field of the SDGs. and others that are related.

Direct on Instragram about ODS and the project “Talking about ODS from ReFal Andalucía” #refalinterculturalidad

As a final activity and to close the event, it was decided to make a talk focused on the Sustainable Development Goals in a live Instagram, explaining what they are and how they are being worked on. In addition, our colleague from AIFED, and a representative from the Inter Youth Association, explained how the project has been developed and what the motivations have been for developing it.

The activity ended by inviting everyone to visit the social networks that were created for the project. The video can be found on AIFED's Instagram, at this link:


How is Spain approaching the 2030 agenda? “Talking about SDGs from ReFal Andalucía” #refalinterculturalidad

Spain has an active Plan of Action for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Action Plan for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda has established 9 Leverage Policies for its achievement.

  • PP1. Prevention and fight against poverty, inequality and social exclusion.
  • PP2. Equal Opportunities: Strategic Plan.
  • PP3. The Spanish Urban Agenda.
  • PP4. The Circular Economy.
  • PP5. The Climate Change and Energy Transition Law.
  • PP6. Scientific and Technical Research for the SDGs.
  • PP7. The Social Economy. Strategy 2017-2020.
  • PP8. Open government.
  • PP9. Recover Spanish Cooperation at the Service of the SDGs.


On this website you can find all the strategies that the Government of Spain is carrying out to promote compliance with the Agenda:


You will be able to find aid, new laws and social pacts, and much more!