One of the students tells us about how she is living the #InfluencersofInterculturality project. #InfluencersdelaInterculturalidad

One of the young participants of the project tells us about her experience and how she has lived the different activities planned. In the video she tells us about how her perception has changed and what we should do to keep improving on this path to interculturality.

Congratulations, Isabel León from Exchange Live Art! Your work in this project has been magnificent, impacting young people to educate in values.

Interculturality performance between students from the institute #InfluencersdelaInterculturalidad #INFLUENCERSOFINTERCULTURALITY

Our colleague Isabel León, from ExchangeLiveArts continues working on intercultural values and respect with high school students. In this new activity, everyone has experienced and lived different situations, values have been addressed, communication has advanced in interculturality and young people have benefited a lot from the activity.

They are really enjoying the experience and becoming more aware of the situation that some people can live.

Thank you, team!



Intercultural activities between students from Luis Bueno Crespo Institue in Granada #InfluencersdelaInterculturalidad #INFLUENCERSOFINTERCULTURALITY

The students of I.E.S. Luis Bueno Crespo continue to carry out the activities of the project and keep on working on the performance in favor of interculturality.

The students wanted to symbolize how we treat or how we perceive the different, the stranger, the one who does not share our culture. Also how sometimes we are blind, deaf or mute in difficult situations.

In this new performance directed by Isabel León, the young people have learned and shared their experiences of how they have felt, advancing in communication and intercultural dialogue.

Intercultural activities between the students of the institue #INFLUENCERSOFINTERCULTURALITY

Our colleague Isabel León, from the ExchangeLiveArts organization, has started the work of Performance for interculturality in the second group of IES LUIS CRESPO BUENO in ARMILLA, Granada.

It has been a very enriching experience for young people and for our professional, Isabel León, who is sharing and spreading the values of interculturality among young people.


Intercultural Activities among the students of the High School #InfluencersdelaInterculturalidad

The young people are already doing the practical activities of the project and have made a video about breaking with labels and respecting each person.

Through the performances and these activities, they are taking steps on the path towards interculturality, respect and communication values.

Great initiative and fantastic execution of the activity!

Respect me. Respect yourself. Any person is much more than a label.