Aifed leads the network made up of 12 organizations in Europe, developing activities for youth organizations, in the Metaverse and face-to-face. Linc scs is project partner in this partnership.

Metaverse is a virtual world that we can enter using a number of technological and digital devices. It’s a place where you have the ability and power to do things you could never do in the real world without leaving your home. The process towards a better awareness of this new virtual world is called “metaversing”.

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During this first year of cooperation, our network (composed of NGOs from different European countries, who support European youth policies) will work in one direction to develop activities that empower, encourage and enrich young people with new opportunities and ways to participate and hire an active citizenship role in society.

The main objective of this project is to bring young people closer to virtual worlds and we, together with our network members, will equip young people with digital skills and make them better citizens for what is to come, the metaverse. In this new virtual reality, attention to the environment, climate change, inclusion and gender equality is no longer just an idea, but these concepts must be understood and applied to everyday life, especially for those who are defined as ‘digital natives’, the young.

The cooperation network created for the development of the “Metaversing” project focuses young people so that they reach the ability to survive the changing world, which will help them understand, react and survive in the new virtual world, reducing this new world, discrimination, violence and actions that do not respect the environment, in short, a better worl





Our Partners


Experienced teachers promoting education, culture,safety, youth empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

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Cooperative aiding youth reintegration with community planning, management, and network building.

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Non-profit empowering disadvantaged communitiesthrough social activities, personal skills, and inclusion.

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Arts-based health promotion for young people in various institutions. 

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 Urban non-profit for managing EU education, culture programs for vulnerable groups. 

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Sizigija Skopje

Non-govt org promoting collaborative education, lifelong learning opportunities for vulnerable groups.

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Asociata DIRECT

 Association promoting social, educational & cultural activities for all ages. 

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Lernwerkstatt Europa e.V

European association for family support and youth work through various projects.

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Fundacja Bądź Aktywny

NGO promoting youth participation, education, training, social assistance, and cultural development.

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Association AWE promotes human dignity, peaceful coexistence, cultural exchange, and democracy in Europe.

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Promotes education, culture, and youth through art and international cooperation.

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A BLOG was created to allow all interested people to share their ideas about the world of the
Metaverse. Our blog witnesses the growing enthusiasm and curiosity concerning this subject.
Here you will find a diverse collection of opinions, stories, and experiences shared by
enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in this virtual world and also by people who are
more skeptical about it. These different opinions will help you better understand what people
think about the Metaverse. Follow the link to find out more: Blog

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