The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between cultures is an organization network of civil society focused on promoting intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean area. Among their lines of work, there is one about educational, artistic and creative projects which look for educating in diversity and building citizenship.


AIFED as the coordinator entity, along Exchange Live Art and Artixoc organization have decided to develop a training and awareness project, reflecting about interculturality values in rural areas of Spain related with that line of the Anna Lindh Foundation work. We propose two lines of work, one of them with the children and young and the other one to train the teachers of the school.

It will be a team work that would imply the three entities and through theatre, art, culture and social media we would like to train and make the community aware of intercultural values.


The project is based on the ability of the students to be creative and to reflect about values of interculturality through a performance. We will talk with them about culture, understanding art as a tool communication and making that those thoughts and ideas reach the community.

With these values, students will become INFLUENCERS OF INTERCULTURALITY. We would like them to post on their social media using the hashtags of ReFal, their school, the organisms of the community and the hashtag we have created for the project #InfluencersDeLaInterculturalidad. All of the knowledge and reflections generated in the project will be out of the school as soon as they put it on social media, reaching the whole community and making them influencers of intercultural values. They would make posts, record videos and tiktoks and using their social media to change their environment.

Also, we have considered a line of work with the teachers in order to offer them the best skills to deal with conflict and working on it through creativity. They will be trained in interculturality  concepts and how using theatre could be a tool to fight conflict and to work in educate in diversity. Anna Lindh Foundation and their ODS they are working on will be make known as well.

We have chosen a high school from Íllora, Granada. This town is losing population despite their economical potential but, every year, it is welcoming lots of immigrants from north Africa for seasonal harvest of olive, farming and agricultural work.

We chose this school because they are fully committed with education and due to our own commitment of reach rural areas that usually have less opportunities to be heard and to listen to the right messages.

Also, there are teachers in the school that collaborate with AIFED and they will supervise and they will be an active part of the project development out of their work schedule.

Beneficiaries will be around 20 young people chosen by teachers and 8 teachers themselves. As we said before, given that the project is going to work with social media, we expect that the message and awareness reach the whole community indirectly.

The planning with the young is to make workshops in an active methodology with dynamical and digital activities:

  • Workshop: Becoming influencers of intercultural values. This workshop is going to have 2 sessions of 3 hours each one. We would like to develop their creativity to work on interculturality concepts and get them ready to the performance.
  • Workshop: No filters. 4 sessions of 4 hours each one to:
    • Introducing the teenagers to the action, with activities and training in language use.
    • ‘Score’ of performance with examples, activities y work in groups.
    • Photo and video performance and the difference between this and live action. We will use examples and group activities to make the photo and video performance always associated with interculturality values.
    • Live performance. It would be streamed on the social media. This session will include a round table to discuss and debate at the end of the workshop.
  • Workshop: What have we learnt? 2 hours to talk and discuss the conclusions, commitments and assessment of the work. It will be leaded by AIFED and the teachers.

Teacher’s planning is going to be workshops as well, dynamics and based on active methodologies that would be online and in-person. Online workshops will be teach by Artixoc and in-person workshops by AIFED until complete 12 hours of training.

  • First session: introducing the project. What is Anna Lindh Foundation, their goals, the ODS…
  • Second and third session: training and activities. Theatre workshops about racism, xenophobia, fighting stereotypes, communal living… the goal of these sessions is to think about these terms and to give them tools to create a relaxed environment and to handle hard and not open to dialogue situations. It will be trained the conflict theory and how to deal with it from a dialogue perspective with improvisation activities.
  • Fourth session: assessment and conclusion.

As a result of the workshops there will be a video with the live performance of the students, an e-book with the training and compilations of:

  • The main messages shared on social media.
  • Teacher’s thoughts about the project.
  • Methodologies that have been used in order to be able of extrapolating to other projects and organisations.

We expect that the active and dynamic training action develops knowledge, potential and social, civic and intercultural skills of the youth through the theatre and workshops. Creating art is a very useful way to express emotions, feelings and opinion. It allows you to interact with other people and develop new ways of thinking. Also, it is a tool to be used working in respect and inclusion.

We consider that the project has actions of great added value, blending training and awareness, involving the whole community and connecting with the children in their own language, through the internet. We think that this use of social media could be the communicative effort we need to spread and to share values.

The preparation and settle up of the proposal has been made in common between the three entities, the three of them committed and involved in order to get the best results and to make an important benefit to the community we are working with.


Intercultural activities between the students of the institue #INFLUENCERSOFINTERCULTURALITY

Our colleague Isabel León, from the ExchangeLiveArts organization, has started the work of Performance for interculturality in the second group of IES LUIS CRESPO BUENO in ARMILLA, Granada.

It has been a very enriching experience for young people and for our professional, Isabel León, who is sharing and spreading the values of interculturality among young people.


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