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EC Project Number 2020-1-LV01-KA227-ADU-094488

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking the society. Each major sector of society must contribute, whether through caring for and supporting those infected, stopping the spread of the virus or ensuring the supply of essential goods and services to cloistered families.

Much is demanded also of the education sector. Adult learning and education is needed in preparation and as a response to any crisis. COVID-19 is just another point in history that stresses the importance of non-formal adult learning and education (ALE) to equip people with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to cope with crisis as responsible citizens.

The future of ALE is digitalisation, its support to older learners, but also fostering all the community learning. Today, non-formal ALE is more needed than ever because it serves the people whose barriers to learning were exacerbated by the crisis.


The objectives of the project are:

  1. Research the methods of promoting adult education after Covid-19 in the project partner countries
  2. Provide help to different groups of society, including the so called vulnerable groups
  3. Create 6 digital on-line training courses. The program titles can be changed or edited following the analysis of the training needs and interests during the implementation period.

The adult education sectors chosen are:

  • Young parents
  • Re-immigrating people
  • Recently retired people
  • People with different disabilities
  • Temporary unemployed people affected by Covid-19 pandemics
  • Small business owners suffering from different problems, including Covid-19 consequences.

Our Partners

Multiplier event in Granada
Chapter 1: The Support for Individuals with Various Disabilities Can Be Integrated into Society
Chapter 2: Music Therapy and People with Disabilities
Capitulo 3: Digital literacy

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