From November 6th to the 10th, 2023, “COMPASS FOLLOWERS,” a course focused on human rights education through the COMPASS Manual, will be held. This course is organized by AIFED in collaboration with the Council of Europe. COMPASS training courses on human rights education are strategic national or regional activities aimed at developing competencies of key multipliers for human rights education with young people. The main objective of the course is to present the COMPASS Manual as a valuable resource for increasing understanding of human rights education among young people.
The specific objectives of the course are:

  • 1. To educate young people to understand human rights through COMPASS and the use of creativity and personal knowledge, fostering an environment conducive to cooperation and collaboration.
  • 2. To raise participants’ awareness about human rights violations, enhancing their ability to analyze issues from a human rights perspective, and to learn about interculturality, diversity, and acceptance.
  • 3. To explore cultural intangible heritage as a means to pursue the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a culture of human rights.
  • 4. To develop the competences (knowledge, skills, attitudes, values) of key multipliers for human rights education through non-formal education and various activities.

    The course will be organized as follows:

  • 1. Presentation of the Council of Europe and the European Youth Center.
  • 2. Presentation and activities of the COMPASS Manual on Human Rights.
  • 3. A performance to understand the power of human rights with Isabel León.
  • 4. A conference on Youth, Peace, and Security with Professor Jusaima Moaid-Azm Peregrina.
  • 5. An evening of flamenco.

The course will be held at:
  Youth Space of the Youth Council of the Granada City Hall
  Calle Verónica de la Magdalena, 23, 18002 Granada

For more information, visit the official website of the Council of Europe

Web site


Web site

Council of Europe website


Download the COMPASS Manual

The course in Granada will be the only course in Spain in 2023.

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