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Educating adult learners through the use of Storytelling can help to promote the social inclusion of adults with disabilities, refugees, prisoners, addicts and adult women. Storytelling is a non-formal educational method based on narrating a series of stories to each group in order to stimulate reflection, self-recognition, and personal development. Thus, listening to stories provokes a greater brain activation compared to other reading methods, and this favours the connection with the listener’s personal experiences.


The Stories per l’empowerment di tutti project has been prepared so that it fosters the personal development of the participants and contributes to their social inclusion and active citizenship, thus justifying its implementation.

The main objectives of the project are:
– To support and enhance the work of adult educators working in the context of marginalised adults
– To activate empowerment processes in the target groups
– To build a shared European methodology for working with the Storytelling method
– To provide operational working tools – to get to know European cultures through traditional Storytelling

The project will start on 01/09/2023 and will have a duration of 24 months, thus ending on 31/08/2025.
The project will be divided into 3 work packages:
1. Work Package 1 – Project Management
2. Work package 2 – Selection and production of new stories and E-book
3. Workpackage 3 – LMS Platform and Card Game Each work package contains a different set of activities that we are sure will allow us to achieve the above objectives.

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