PROJECT WPL: Learning Activity from 22 till 26 April 2019 in BRAGA. ESPROMINHO

We have held Training c3 in Braga, in Esprominho, reflecting on the following issues:

The most important questions that the team asked itself were as follows:

– creation of protocols with companies to carry out internships.

– Suitability of the trainee to the company and to the project of internship?

– How is the tutor or companion of the internship chosen?

– What is the role of the tutor of the school and the tutor of the company during the internship process?

– What is the role of the teaching team during the internship?

– Do the parents have any role during the internship?

– By what means is the communication between the trainee, the school and the company established during the internship?

– How is the evaluation of the internship:

– stakeholders?

– criteria? – Is the assessment quantitative or qualitative?

– weighting of the internship classification in the course classification?

– What are the remediation strategies in case of failure or negative evaluations?

– What indicators of results are collected?

– How do the results imply changes in the WBL procedure?


EsproMinho – Escola Profissional do Minho, Lda is a private vocational school, owned by a commercial limited liability company, composed of four members who hold the entire share capital of the company and who also form part of the school board of directors.

Esprominho – Escola Profissional do Minho started its activity in the academic year 1999-2000, with the authorization of the Ministry of Education. It develops professional training courses with qualification levels II and IV, for young people and adults, conferring equivalence up to the 12th grade or high school. In 2010 the school moved to a new infrastructure; this move has required major (financial) efforts from the school.

The Esprominho Educational Project is based on values ​​such as professionalism, accuracy, knowledge, entrepreneurship, leadership, multiculturalism, humanism and internationalization.

Descending from Noroeste Pioneira, created in 1989, pedagogical practice has a strengthened value, and a level of success and professional integration of about 85%, something that can be explained based on the following factors: A motivated faculty, highly qualified scientifically and professionally; An educational project and functional organization chart based on professional and business reality; The educational relationship based on the pillars of formal and non-formal education allows an overall formation of the trainee.

EsproMinho has a total of 61 employees, including teachers, non-teaching staff and members of the board of directors. Of the 44-teaching staff (72% of the total), 24 are internal (55%) and 20 are external (26%). Of the 14 non-teaching staff (23%), 8 (13%) are operational assistants and 5 (8%) are administrative assistants. Today Esprominho has about 500 students.