WPL PROJECT: We have celebrated the fifth Training from September 9 to 13, 2019 in GRANADA

Focus activity: "C5 - the support of the students during their work-based learning activities carried out in the course of the qualification process."

We have talked about entrepreneurship orientation, improvement of transversal skills and we have answered these questions:

  • How to motivate teachers and tutors to take advantage of WPL to increase the competencies of students with a view to a future and not only to the present?
  • For our students to be innovative or creative, is it necessary for their teachers and tutors to change their mentality?
  • Is it appropriate to guide teachers and companies to take advantage of the internship time to give them more competencies than those related to the company where they are?
  • In an objective situation like the one in Granada:
  • High youth unemployment
  • High educational level, is it appropriate to help young people to be entreperuners or would it be better for them to look for work outside?
  • How could we improve the support given to teachers and tutors to improve students qualifications process?

A fruitful meeting, in which, in addition, we have enjoyed the beauty of Granada and the reunion with partners with whom it unites us so much.