We have held the Kick Off Meeting of the project in Granada

The Power of Stories Kick Off Meeting took place on the 25th and 26th of October. Thanks to the improvement of the health situation in the countries of the consortium, we have been able to hold this meeting in Granada.

During the last months, the partners have selected 15 stories per association and presented the results at this meeting. Each story has been assigned a main value, within the five values we work with: success and self-esteem; empowerment; reframing, creativity, vision and goal setting.

During the meeting, the partners decided how to present the 60 collected stories, as well as the structure of the future flipbook with the stories. This flipbook will have an introduction to the values and will be divided into chapters according to the value and will contain the corresponding stories.

To conclude Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) of the project, we have presented the research of the partner August Vermeylenfonds and will frame the research of the other partners as a theoretical framework.

As for Intellectual Output 2 (IO2), we have a common reflection on the topics we will deal with in the modules to work on the stories with adults and the structure of these modules. Each partner will cover a specific topic and we have agreed that by the end of December the first theoretical part will be finalised.

The agreed structure for the modules:

  1. Theoretical part

2.Practical application

3.Activities and stories

From AIFED, coordinator of the project, we thank the partners for the work done and we are really happy to have been able to celebrate this meeting. We keep working hard!

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