We have celebrated our kick off meeting in Ankara – Turkey, 17-20 August 2021

The first session started with the welcome speech by the Contact Person of the coordinator, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Funda KOÇAK. Later, the project partners promoted their institutions to other partners. The second session started with a summary of the Project and some relevant explanations were made by Prof. Dr. Bülent GÜRBÜZ. Afterwards, the E-Learning Modules, Project Timetable, local activities, Internal Agreements, introduction and dissemination activities were discussed and task distribution was made among the partners. All partners have agreed on the distribution of tasks as detailed below;


All the modules will be will be prepared as videos and/or animations including at least 3 and at most 5 subheadings. The duration will be 5 - 7.5 minutes for each subheading. We will prepare an interactive interface on the web site and we will use the same interface for all the training modules. In addition, texts in pdf format will be prepared for further reading by the partners. All modules will be prepared in English. The deadline of delivery of the the modules is the end of April 2022. The modules to be prepared are as follows;

  • Healthy Life with sport (Ankara University)
  • Healthy diet and sport (Poland)
  • Sport for mental and psychological wellness (Romania)
  • Strengthening the immune system with sport (Greece)
  • Socialization and sport (Ankara University)
  • Active and passive sport in daily life (Ankara University)
  • Sport at home (Çubuk Adult Education Center)
  • Sport at work (AIFED - SPAIN)