Universidade Sénior de Oeiras Portugal

USO is a non-formal education institution with a major role in the community, created in 1994, open to all people in the county, over 55 years of age, from the most varied social backgrounds and levels of education. Uso has around 100 teachers ( 99% are unpaid), 600 students, 160 classes and four staff (paid). Through the various disciplines, it aims to stimulate curiosity, thinking, reflection and critical thinking, with the intention of opening new horizons to its students, making them effective in action, truly participating in the community, in the form of various actions: volunteering, social entrepreneurship, local intervention in different organisms and activities, made available to the whole community. USO offers a wide variety of themes and disciplines, covering Physical Activities (dance, lian gong, chi kung, pilates, ...), various Plastic Arts classes, Performing Arts (Singing, Music, Cinema, Theater and various instruments), Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Education , foreign Languages, Philosophy, History, Geography, Law, Traditional Arts , aiming to foster a more participative life and thus promoting self-esteem. The USO is guided by practices and knowledge of fundamental updating and innovation in cultural development, such as:

  • to combat myths related to old age and aging processes
  • develop active participation
  • motivate social interaction
  • provoke generational interaction
  • Encourage human values of solidarity and sharing
  • preservation of a collective memory
  • to relativize judgments, to respect differences, to facilitate integrations, to promote discussions.