Udruzenje Gradjana Centar Za Razvoj Manjinskih I Lokalnih Medija Minority & Local Media Development Center

Heror Media Pont is a media agency that focuses on topics related to the visibility and presence of a wide spectrum of minority communities in public dialogue.

A communication platform has been established, communicated by a conference that has been held since November 2012. The first five editions of this event dealt with regional reflection on the position of minority and local media.

Since November 2017 this event has grown to a European level and in the period until 2021 builds a complete system within the Platform PLUS project Novi Sad ECC 2021.

The promotion of minority languages ​​and media in minority languages ​​is successfully implemented through the manifestation “Pod krošnjama na Štrandu”, which has been continuously implemented since 2013 with the Library of the City of Novi Sad.

Heror Media Pont has formed a minority media pool towards the advertising market and provides customers with a simple and functional approach to these media.


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