Treasures of Granada: The music of Granada goes through the strings of most famous classic guitars in the world.

As part of the European project "Your Treasure - Our Treasure", which involves our association, we would like to draw attention today to another of Granada's centuries-old tradition: the guitar. In fact, Granada is famous among musicians and passionates around the world for the artisanal production of this specific type of guitar, called “Granadina”, which is characterized by the use of particular types of wood, specific production techniques and harmonious fullness, that distinguish it from other guitars. The grenadine has had great success in approaching flamenco, a musical genre that initially provided for the use of the voice only, but which over time has seen the combination with various types of instruments, such as the violin, the harmonica, but in a special way on the guitar. The particular responsiveness of this instrument, in fact, makes it perfect to accompany the bright and vivid tones of flamenco. Walking the streets of Granada, it is easy to find groups of this type, capable of creating around them, in a few minutes, a festive crowd that stamps their feet to the rhythm of the music, accompanying the dances. However, the history of the Granada guitar dates back to very distant times, the oldest documentation of which dates back to the 16th century.

In Granada, there are still old workshops where the tradition of building guitars continues, where generations of luthiers, such as Antonio Marín Montero or Alberto Cuéllar, some of the main Spanish guitar manufacturers, have worked dedicating their lives. Andrés Segovia, as is well known, was the best Spanish guitarist of the 20th century, whose music reflected the culture and atmosphere of the city of Granada, a place of personal and artistic growth.

In summary, it is not by chance that the municipality of Granada has announced the creation of a museum on the history and crafts of the Spanish guitar, an emblem of great relevance in our territory.