Treasures of Granada: The millennial tradition of the baskets

The millenary art of the baskets still lives today in Granada, testifying how our culture still breathes the culture of our past every day. These objects, in fact, are present today as in the most remote past in our homes, even if the use made of them remains varied: object of daily life before, decoration and sometimes companion of some walk in the countryside today. Although fewer and fewer artisans dedicate themselves to making baskets, also due to the scarce demand, these are still widespread today and courses can also be taken in the classroom to learn how to make them. Once used to collect fruit and vegetables, eggs or to go to the market, these objects are created through the interweaving of straw, wicker, rattan, and other natural spinning threads.

What many organizations hope is that we return to the old methods of going shopping, even to the use of these baskets. If it is true, in fact, that plastic is a very harmful material for the environment and that the government is taking steps to reduce its use in shops, replace it, returning to what tradition has taught us, it can only be an advantage. For tradition itself, for the undisputed value of this profession, for us and also for the health of the planet.