Treasures of Granada: The colorful lights of the East

In 800 years of Arab presence in the city of Granada we cannot help thinking about how much this culture has influenced many aspects of our culture, influencing arts, crafts, habits.

Among the most precious jewels of our city we certainly find the granadine lamp (or lantern), which finds its origin in the specialization of Arab artistic tinning. The aesthetics of this object gives it a very high decorative value, adaptable to any type of architecture. The colored glass of the granadine lamp is supported by metals such as brass, tin, nickel, silver or tinplate, although the latter is the most common and used material. Through techniques such as embossing, perforated and tiling, the glasses, specially cut and matched according to chromatic harmonies of all kinds, are assembled and welded.

This piece of furniture, which we generally find in its traditional style, easily adapts to even more contemporary designs. There are many clubs in the streets of the historic center that have opted for this type of lighting, increasing the warm and oriental atmosphere of Granada.