Treasures of Granada: Granada carpets, a tradition in recovery

As part of the European project "Your Treasure - Our Treasure", we have the opportunity to collaborate with older people, often left behind in our busy societies, but possessing knowledge and experience that we should not give up. Thanks to this cultural background, we can go to rediscover the memory of the many treasures of our city, Granada, that characterize it, making it one of the precious jewels of our country. Crafts, in particular, is a very active sector in Andalusia, transmitted over the centuries and influenced by the many peoples who have shared their history in our territory. We are pleased, in this case, to emphasize one of the most precious artisan products and perhaps not so well known by foreign tourists, as well as by Spaniards from other areas: the weaving of carpets.

These types of rugs, generally called “Alpujarreñas”, were made for domestic use and were often included in wedding kits. Commercialization was not foreseen, but they are the result of the need to make the towns of Andalusia self-sufficient, often forced to isolate themselves. The colors were made with old fabrics, torn and inserted during work with the loom. The designs shown are of local and North African inspiration, made with weaving techniques, such as the native Alpujarra knot and the Turkish knot, or "ghiordés". This tradition, which lasted until the beginning of the 20th century, today sees a new renaissance, although there are few examples of the original rugs, which have been produced for domestic use and therefore are easily deteriorated.

In the streets of the city you can still find shops and workshops dedicated to this splendid tradition.