The last LTTA of the STEP project in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria (16th-20th.05.2022)

The STEP project is coming to an end. Therefore, last LTTA meeting took place last week in Bulgaria.

The project week started on 16.05.2022 with a tour of the kindergarten in Pazardzhik. Afterwards, a seminar was held with the lecturer Associate Professor Dr. Elena Sabeva, Head of the Department of Preschool Pedagogy and the University of Plovdiv. The Head of the Director for the Education and Culture in Pazardzhik Municipality was also present at this meeting. The next day started with another visit to the kindergarten. Afterwards, the Bulgarian school system and common transition practices were presented. In the afternoon, we visited a primary school and then went on to see some of the sights of Pazardzhik. We ended the evening with an official dinner together. Wednesday was the social programme day. We visited the Damascena Ethnographic Complex, the home of roses, and in the afternoon we were allowed to bake bread with our own hands. On Thursday we went to Plovdiv. There we visited a Montessori kindergarten, which gave us a very exciting insight into a somewhat different system.

Thanks to all the project team, it has been an unforgettable meeting!