Stowarzyszenie Zalasowian (Małopolskie, Poland)

The aim of the association is:

- To work on the development of the village of Zalasowa in the cultural, economic and tourist sector.

- To inform the members of the Association and the whole society about the history, cultural and economic achievements of the region.

- Protection of nature, landscape and cultural monuments of Zalasowa and the Pogórze region.

- Maintaining, disseminating and protecting the folk culture and cultural heritage of Zalasowa and the Pogórze Region.

Actions of the association:

- To initiate, promote and participate in the implementation of cultural, economic, sports and tourist tasks for the inhabitants of the villages of Zalasowa, the Pogórze Region and the Tarnów Region.

- To promote the cultural achievements of the people of Zalasowa.

- To express public opinion and to cooperate with local government administration bodies, political and economic organisations, institutions, workplaces and associations with a similar scope of activity in the country and abroad.