Co-working meeting on developing handbook about online tools for promoting Hospitality Business 02.12.2019-08.12.2019, Gyumri, Armenia (5 activity days + travel days)

During this meeting we have created a handbook that presents ways to promote a guest house and hostels on online platforms will be developed (such as, Airbnb, Hostelworld). We are developing this handbook to offer information to young people on how to promote their touristic business on an international level. The handbook will be translated in each of the partners countries and distributed in local areas and available online on the project website.

The meeting took place during 07.12.2019-13.12.2019, Yerevan, Armenia (5 activity days + travel days), with 2 participants from each partner organization and 1 facilitator, also 1 external expert BOOKING and AIRBNB.

We have developed a new step in our project: A5. Youth Exchange – Empowering Local Communities through Tourism Entrepreneurship – 01.11.2019-10.11.2019, Telavi, Georgia (8 activity days + travel days)

The youth exchange brought together 8 youngsters from each of the partner countries. The aim of the YE has been to empower participants to develop sustainable tourism practices and create a space where they shared innovative tourism ideas that make use of the potential of their region.

The youth exchange offered an innovative practical approach and participants have developed practical abilities, proactive behaviors, creativity and organizational skills. The participants developed their business ideas in tourism during the mobility days.

The youth exchange made use of non-formal education methods. The workshops were implemented by each country group – the young people was supported by the leaders in implementing the workshops. The young people will receive further support from their sending organization in implementing their business plans at the local level.

Youth Entrepreneurship Education in Hospitality and Tourism

Youth Entrepreneurship Education in Hospitality and Tourism is a project that aims to provide non-formal training to young people in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine to enable them to develop small businesses that take advantage of the tourism potential of their community. The project involves partners from six countries: Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy and Latvia.

Coordinating organization:

  • International Youth Association "Quant", Georgia


  • Cosvitec Societa Consortile ARL, Italy
  • Social Innovation Centre, Latvia
  • Asociación de Innovación, Formación y Empleo para el Desarrollo sostenible, Spain
  • Development center Pangeya Ultima, Ukraine
  • Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO