We are on board!!!
Transnational project meeting (TPM) Kunszentmárton, Hungary January 24-26, 2020

23 enthusiastic dedicated partners have come together from seven different institutions of five European countries, to start working closely together, to share our experiences and good practices over the next 20 months.

After a day full of traveling from several corner of Europe, our first meeting was organized in Cserkeszőlő in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. After a cheerful dinner, Gabriella Pusztai, the Director of the General Education Center, the leader of the Hungarian consortium gave her welcome speech, but in a really special way! Her welcome words were spoken in the partners’ mother tongue as well as in English, so, in a total of six European languages: Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, and last but not least, Hungarian; by this to establish a familiar cross-border relationship that will accompany our months spending together.

The second day of the TPM was continued in the conference room of the Local History Museum in Kunszentmárton. After the opening speech of the mayor of Kunszentmárton, Attila Wenner-Várkonyi, we started the day with a warm-up program: with the help of Ferenc Mucsi potter master we painted a plate! The refreshing plate painting and icebreaking game brought our international team closer to each other, so we could start the more serious part of our mission.

Henceforward, Zsolt Pusztai, the director of the Túri Fazekas Museum in Mezőtúr, talked about the memory itself as the central idea of the project and our further goals. He underlined also, that in contrast to the museum programs mainly dealing with the elderly people with dementia, we place more emphasis on preventing dementia and preserving the psychological and mental well-being of the target group.

The presentation was taken over by Csilla Habi, coordinator of the Kunszentmárton Local History Museum, who gave general information about the obligations and tasks affecting all participants.