The second online LTTA of the project has taken place.

The Directorate of Primary Education of Thesproatia, Greece, has been responsible for this second LTTA of the S.T.E.P. (Student Transition in Education Paths) project. During four days (27th - 30th 2021), the associations and schools belonging to the project have been able to enjoy this online meeting and continue to advance in the project.

During the last three months, the partners have conducted surveys with teachers (primary and early childhood education) to analyse the situation in each country of the practices used in terms of educational transition.

Each partner presented the results of the surveys and we were able to draw final conclusions from the results.

The schools that are part of this project presented their installations, activities carried out and the mission of their schools. These schools were: Igoumenitsa primary and special needs school; Igoumenitsa kindergarten; Glyki kindergarten and Paramythia kindergarten.

In addition, the coordinating school of the project, the Directorate of Primary Education of Thesproatia, presented the Greek education system and we were able to get to know their region and their schools.

Thank you for the work done and these four fantastic days!

Knowing more about the Spanish educational system. Data and numbers. 2019-2020 school year.

Facts and Figures offers the data estimated to the beginning of the school year on the main variables of Spanish education system: students enrolled, schools and public expenditure in education. It also collects other basic data already consolidated of previous school years on the education in Spain, his international comparison and his temporary evolution.

This publication does not take university education into account, except in sections concerning the education system as a whole.

The figures here presented are the result of a statistical cooperation framework established with the autonomous communities, through the Education Sector Conference.

Publication date: October 22, 2019

We already have the winning logo and it will represent the Student Transition in Education Paths Project (S.T.E.P.)

It is the one designed by our colleagues at the “Egnazio Danti” Comprehensive Institute, Alatry, Italy, and the one that has obtained the highest number of votes in open voting on the internet.