During the meeting in Madeira (Portugal), we participated in the International Conference "Health and Inclusion".

The 2nd edition of the event “International conference health and inclusion” took place on 7th and 8th November 2022 on the premises of the São José de Cluny School of Nursing (under the theme Health in the Digital Age) and the Higher Institute of Management and Languages (under the theme Education and Inclusion).

This conference was attended by more than two dozen prestigious: university professors, researchers and professionals, technicians with a consolidated and transdisciplinary background in the different areas under discussion.

The event was divided into 4 parts. Our association had the honour of participating in the last one, i.e., Europa: Educação e inclusão (Europe: Education and Inclusion). During the conference, AIFED spoke about the "Play and Nature" project and sport inclusion. In addition, we talked about the need to reflect on sport activities and inclusive design, the difference between integration and inclusion and why integration is an outdated model. To integrate is, let's say, to admit so they were outside in activities that took place among "normal people". Inclusion is thinking and organising the activities we do with a design for all.

It was a pleasure to participate in this great event, thank you!

SECOND MEETING – Inclusion in Education: Challenges and Opportunities through Sport

The second meeting of the Play and Nature for learning project took place on the island of Madeira, in Portugal from 7th to 11th November 2022.
The main objective of this meeting was to propose a strategy for training young people in inclusion, which will become the second part of the manual that this project wants to develop. All the sessions of the activity concerned sport as a working tool to include young people at risk of exclusion.
The first day was a welcome day. The host association suggested us some activities to do in Madeira and some typical restaurants. After this day, the activities started: we had the honour to attend the international conference "The Challenges of health and inclusion in the digital Era", then we talked about the work done so far, the revision of the 1st part of the handbook, the dissemination and we started the work on the 2nd part of the handbook.
We had the opportunity to do an activity promoted by judo and the Italian group in the Primary School of Livramento.
This meeting gave us the possibility to get to know better the culture of this island, through the many activities we did, such as the ride in Ribeiro Frio, the visit to the city of Funchal and the food we tasted.

It has been a pleasure and we hope to meet again soon.

Thank you!

Play & Nature, Play & Learn project, we have organised an activity in collaboration with the local association “Asociación de Educadores María de Borja

AIFED, for the Play & Nature, Play & Learn project, organised an activity in collaboration with the local association "Asociación de Educadores María de Borja" that works with young people and children at risk of social exclusion in a marginal neighbourhood. We carried out this activity after the Meeting held in Granada, in compliance with the project programme.

The activity aimed at teaching or reminding the youth the importance to preserve nature. The activity took place in a park near the "Asociación de Educadores María de Borja" and consisted of the following activities:

- Garbage collection and recycling,

- Mimicry game (others have to guess an element from nature),

- Noah’s Ark game (each player is an animal has to find his/her partner, with the same animal, with gestures and sounds)

- Mole game (try to guess an object while blindfolded)

Thanks to “Asociación de Educadores María de Borja”, the youth and us really enjoyed and had great time preserving and knowing more our environment!

The first meeting of the project Play and nature for learning. Designing together inclusion strategies took place in Granada from 14.03 – 18.03.2022.

During this week, all partners got to know each other and the goals of the project were presented. The objectives of the project include:

  • developing a new methodology for educating young people in inclusion with values drawn from sport and nature
  • establish and adopt common practices of sustainable and environmental development which should later serve as a guide

To approach these objectives, the following activities were made:

  • Visit to the Science Park
  • Methodological group work
  • Participation in seminars

In addition, the details of the next meeting in Madeira were discussed. Really happy with this project!!