We are happy to announce that Project “Singing and Making Melody in your Heart” coordinated by Music High School of Kavala (Greece) and AIFED as partner has been approved.

Our schedule consists of four major Semesters, each of which has its distinct requirements and goals. During a Semester, teachers and students will have to conclude a specific programme (courses, workshops, educational programmes etc.), which is to be presented afterwards through a scientific conference and a festival. All programmes are addressed directly to the involved schools community, but also to the broader community through the mass media and social media.

Previously, the Committee had to answer the most crucial question: what does the entire European and much more the global community have in common, that already preexists in any local or regional environment and so it could be directly accessible? How any local cultural tradition could be the entrance to the history and culture of the whole humanity? Which monuments or historical figures of our Greco-Roman and Christian world could be presented as symbols of universal values? As the European school community living in the postmodern age do we need to rediscover, share and rethink of our ancient, medieval and modern heritage? However, we are looking for the meeting point of all cultures, the simplest international language. It is no other than the Art itself.

We are happy to announce the Project “Your Treasure – Our Treasure” coordinated by Kunszentmártoni Általános Muvelodési Központ, and AIFED as partner, has been approved

Main aims of the project:

  • To prepare the participating institutions for working with and engaging the elderly in a structured and conscious way
  • To acquire effective methods of discovering, raising awareness of and transmitting the values of older generations
  • To develop and expand the competences of our cultural professionals to enable them to:
    • Engage with the elderly,
    • To motivate the elderly to take advantage of non-formal learning opportunities
    • To apply the methods of experiential learning

Long term goals:

  • To develop a new strategy for collaborating with older people.
  • To develop an own method that reaches the elderly in general not only those with greater cultural.

We have presented the BVB Migration project to our project in KA2- youth entrepreneurship education in hospitality and tourism, in Vinnistsya, February 8th.

We have presented the BVB Migration project to our project in KA2- youth entrepreneurship education in hospitality and tourism, in Vinnistsya, February 8th.

Coordinator: International Youth Association "Quant", Partners: Cosvitec Societa Consortile ARL, Italy, Social Innovation Centre, Latvia, Development center Pangeya Ultima, Ukraine, Gyumri "Youth Initiative Centre" NGO ARMENIA.


Licenciado en Psicología por la Universidad de Granada es Máster en Direciión y Gestión de RR.HH. por la misma universidad, en la que también realizó el Curso de Adaptación Pedagógica.

Aporta al proyecto más de quince años de experiencia en el servicio Andaluz de Empleo atendiendo demandas de empleo, realizando itinerarios como orientador y formador.

Second Training of the WPL project – Workplace learning: what can we learn from each other in Solingen Germany

The week of the 14th to the 18th of January we have carried out the second training of the WORK PLACE LEARNING project, C2-activity KA2-WBL, in Solingen, Germany.

Our partners of the ZIB - Zentrum für Integration und Bildung - Solingen have shared with the rest of the partners their models of preparation and accompaniment to employment for people with difficulties of insertion in the labor market. It has been an interesting PEER - EVALUATION where all the partners have learned from the great strategies developed by ZIB in Solingen.

Thanks to the fantastic team of ZIB.