Our brochure ‘STORIES OF GOODNESS’ is ready

The project “Manage the COVID crisis with Care, reasOn, Values, unIty, soliDarity” is a response to the global crisis which tried to stop the “rotation of the Earth”.

The 8 partner organizations held 10 debates with experts, public figures and citizens in all participating countries.

As a result of the discussions during the debates and through research work, we collected 42 “STORIES OF GOODNESS”: photos and stories of help and empathy; personal experiences, shared by different people, with all kinds of professions; good practices from the experience of doctors, NGOs, communities, cities and even entire countries.

Our brochure shines a light on the everyday, quiet act of kindness that we believe is more contagious than the virus.

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Seminar with IES Hispanidad, 31.03.2022

In the framework of the project “Manage the Covid crisis with Care, reasOn, Values, unIty, soliDarity” (COVID) we had a virtual meeting with the school IES Hispanidad, Granada. In this context, we spoke about the coronavirus pandemic and how it affected and still is affecting the students in their daily lives. Now that the virus seems to be largely under control, there are calls for a stronger role for the European Union in combating the crisis. In this sense, we also talked about the European Union at the meeting, with a special focus on the education offered to students. For example, the EU enables students to study abroad and gain new experiences through various programmes such as Erasmus+. Moreover, since many students from different countries work at AIFED through Eramus+ Internship, the students were able to ask us many questions and we were able to give them some tips or tell them about previous experiences.

Let's keep working!

Manage the Covid crisis with Care, reasOn, Values, unIty, solidarity


Europe for Citizens 625413-CITIZ-1-2020-1-BG-CITIZ-CIV

The coronavirus pandemic affected the whole world. In Europe, the number of cases reached 42 million and 1 million deaths. Unprecedented measures against the spread of the disease have quarantined hundreds of millions of EU citizens. Now that the spread of the virus appears to be largely under control, it is time to learn from the crisis, and for us all to do our part to ensure that it does not happen again.

According to a recent survey commissioned by the European Parliament and conducted in the second half of June 2020 in the Member States, almost seven out of ten respondents (68%) want a stronger role for the European Union in combating the crisis. More than half (56%) of respondents at pan-European level believe that this requires the EU to have more financial resources, which should be directed mainly to overcoming the consequences of the pandemic on the health and economic sectors.

During 18 months, (from 1/05/2021 to 31/10/2022) the Consortium will work on the next objectives:

The objectives of the projects are:

  • To analyze the actions taken in the EU against the pandemic both by countries and by sectors: health, economy and employment, social activities, education, culture, media (fake news);
  • To identify, show and promote good examples and practices for dealing with the Covid crisis as manifestations of solidarity at all levels;
  • To acquaint citizens, including Eurosceptics, with the actions and role of the European institutions in overcoming the crisis more quickly and successfully;
  • To summarize the conclusions from all project activities in a final document – Civil appeal to the EC and EP;
  • Creating a strong community of civil society organizations from all participating countries, thus contributing to intercultural dialogue and the presentation of European diversity and unity.