Start for the project Development of Adult Skills in the Field of Geothermal Energy

During the 25 and 26 of February 2020 the first mobility planned in the project Development of Adult Skills in the Field of Geothermal Energy took place.

The mobility was held in Kizilcahamam, Ankara, Turkey and reunited two representatives of each of the partner organisation from the project.

During the kick of meeting the participants had the chance to meet the other partner organisations and know their work, they have explored in depth the project activities, the planned local activities. Participants have discussed on the educational modules that will be prepared in the project as intellectual outputs.

Participants also have agreed on budget and a financial regulations together with a well-structured planned for the project dissemination activities.

The participants also visited the Kizilcahamam city, the Kizilcahamam Adult Education Center where they have observed the wonderful workshops that take place there and explored the amazing nature that is found in the natural park of the area, the unique flora and fauna found there together with very special fossil trees.

The next project meeting is a training activity with the topic of Occupational Health and Safety Education that will be hosted by the Portuguese partner Previform in Portugal at the end of June 2020.

Working on our new project to prepare the kick off meeting in Ankara, next February

The project will develop important products and dissemination activities:

Participants and activities

Project participants will be the trainers, managers, employees, trainees and adults members of the partner organisations. Project activities include:

  1. Geothermal Energy Awareness Seminars: Awareness-raising seminars of the project partners in the participating countries
  2. Geothermal Greenhouse Applications Entrepreneurship Competition: A competition, which is in the administration of the coordinating institution from Turkey will be organised. Participants of the competition will have to create an entrepreneurship plan for product growth that can contribute the most to the economy outside the season by using local seeds
  3. Geothermal Education Greenhouse Entrepreneurship Practice: Implementation of the two best selected entrepreneurship plans of the competition in experimental training greenhouses
  4. Short-term project partners on Occupational Health and Safety training
  5. Mobility meetings for the evaluation of activities
  6. Online e-learning modules: Distance learning modules which will be available on the project web page, open to everyone in English and Turkish
  7. Strategy development workshop for more efficient use of geothermal energy
  8. Promotion and dissemination activities


At the end of the project, the expected results are:

  • Preparation of training modules, e-books and digital materials needed in geothermal field in order to adapt to global economic changes within a system that values life-long learning and in line with EU practices
  • Development of the skills of adult education teachers
  • Ensuring that individuals have access to education in the use of geothermal energy resources
  • Development of basic skills for the participation of unskilled adults who will work in the geothermal field in the labour market
  • Create awareness of the benefits of geothermal energy in adapting to global economic changes
  • Establishing networks of cooperation between adult institutions, non-governmental organizations and regional institutions that support sustainable development in the European dimension.
  • Strengthening the capacities of public and private institutions providing adult education