Development of Adult Skills in the Field of Geothermal Energy Transnational Final Project Meeting

On the 28 of October 2022 in Ankara, Turkey, the meeting was held between representatives of the partners of the project.

The representative’s partner of the project of Turkey, host country, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, and Greece, were presented to discuss the current project, speaking about what has been done and what should be done, through the cooperation between the partners presents at the meeting.

The aim of the project is to increase the knowledge of geothermal energy and its uses within the countries of the European Union, encouraging the education of adult workers for a better understanding and implementation of the geothermal energy. It is necessary choose the geothermal energy instead of other kind and types of energy due to the numerous climate changes in which our planet is involved. Therefore the geothermal energy is something to think and educate about, for a better understanding and for a better awareness decisions on the choice of renewable energies. This session’s purpose was to discuss about the good practise and the practices which are difficult to implement, in every different country, discussing the problem faced in the choice of renewable energies.

During the meeting in Ankara each partners made a presentation of what has be done to permit the continuation of the project. Each partner has shown through graphics, presentation and tables, its progress and its failures, due to the fact that the geothermal energy is still a dogma, an almost unknown theme. Because of this, the work of the partners can be tough, sometimes.

Therefore fundamental issues were presented. During the discussion, for example, was shown that in some countries as Turkey and Greece, making geothermal greenhouses for growing plants, and using geothermal energy for increase renewable sources, is difficult.  These countries do not feel the need of the geothermal energy, because their agriculture and their farms are built on an ancient farming and agriculture techniques that are independent from the use of geothermal energy. Moreover there is also the problem of the ground, because the soil in these lands seems to be an obstacle to the construction of geothermal plants. Even Portugal has shown its doubt related to the construction of geothermal plants confirming the enormous cost of building these.

Although it is true that the high cost of construction can be a problem for Nations, it must be remembered that the choice of renewable energies and its solutions will bring a long-term benefits, naturally sustainable benefits. In this sense Aifed’s testimony is important. During the discussion, Aifed has shown its example of working with geothermal greenhouses, through presentation that shown how in Almería, Spain, vegetables grow through the technique of the geothermal greenhouse. Aifed has shown that is possible growing plants with geothermal energies.

The fourth Transnational Project Meeting took place in Granada on 10 and 11 March.

During these days, we have shared the progress of the project so far. Thanks to the work of the consortium, we kept progressing on the modules and the creation of e-learning videos.

We shared the local, national and international dissemination activities of each partnership and established the next steps of the project.

Thanks again to all for the great work!

Transnational Project Meeting in Ankara, Turkey

During October 04 / 07, 2021 the consortium met in Ankara to continue advancing in the project.

Each partner presented the work done so far and presented the videos belonging to the modules to the rest of the team. In order to continue creating impact in our communities, we discussed the local, regional and national dissemination activities that each partnership will carry out. It has been a fruitful days of work for the advancement of the project.

We continue adding experiences!