The partners of this project have met for the second time, on the island of Crete.
We started the day with a welcome from the host and a greeting from the coordinator.
At the beginning there was an interesting debate on the decision on the type of game we have to create and on the rules of it. All participants have actively contributed to the discussion with very interesting ideas. Thanks to everyone's contribution, we have been able to transform this game, which initially started as a card game, into a board game. The environment in which this meeting took place has greatly influenced the change of the game, i.e., Greece: the cradle of democracy, mythology and legends.
In deciding the new game, we thought about the mythology of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur. Each family will have to free the democracy trapped in the middle of a spiral by answering some questions on current issues and knowledge that will allow them to open the doors and set the democracy free.

The topics we talked about most were:

  • The importance of democracy in families;
  • The transformation of the game (the change from a card game to a board game);
  • The idea of adding knowledge questions;
  • The board game design.

At the end of the meeting, we divided the tasks, we decided together the date for the next Zoom meeting and we received the certificates of attendance.

The dinner took place in the village of Agios Nikolaos, where we tasted the typical food of Crete and got to know our partners even better.

It’s been a pleasure and we are looking forward to work together again!

The first meeting of the project “FED – Förderung der Demokratieerziehung im Familienalltag” in Lüneburg, Germany from 27.04 – 29.04.2022

From 27 to 29 April, the first meeting of the FED project took place in the city haul of Lüneburg, Germany. Together with the partners from Norway, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany, the further course of the project was discussed.

First, all participants greeted and introduced themselves. The deputy mayor of Lüneburg was also a guest. The project started with each person talking about their personal experience of democracy. Afterwards, the results of the first survey of the respective project partners were presented and evaluated. These results were important to further address the development of the project game. The development of the game and the naming of the project game was the focus of the first meeting. In the end, further tasks were distributed and a zoom meeting was planned to finally decide on a game idea.

After the meeting, all project partners had dinner together to round off the first meeting. Thanks to all!