ANTIGONE (Rome, Italy)

Antigone, an association "for rights and guarantees in the penal system", was born at the end of the 1980s.

It is a political-cultural association that mainly involves magistrates, prison workers, academics, parliamentarians, teachers and citizens who are in some way interested in criminal justice.

In particular, Antigone promotes debates on the model of criminal and procedural legality in our country and its evolution; it collects and disseminates information about the prison situation, as well as the constant reading of the relationship between the law and its implementation.

Antigone deals with the preparation of legislative proposals and the definition of amendments to proposals in the process of approval; it promotes information and awareness campaigns on particular topics, always related to the legal aspect of our country, also through the quarterly magazine Antigone.

Changes&Chances (Noord-Brabant, Netherlands)

C&C is a network of institutions and freelancers which realises professional and artistic educational programmes for the underprivileged and people who have been or are in danger of coming into contact with justice and criminal law.

C&C looks after the interests of all those in the Netherlands who are professionally involved in prevention, detention and rehabilitation. We are a point of contact for authorities, politics, education, business and organisations dealing with prevention, detention and rehabilitation.

C&C aims to contribute to a structural and integrated policy and budget for arts education in rehabilitation programmes in all institutions dealing with justice, prevention of criminal behaviour and recidivism.  C&C aims at the highest possible level of schooling, skills development and opportunity creation.

Our organisation:

  • Stimulates development and innovation in an international context
  • Participates in European and pilot projects
  • Organises symposia
  • Knowledge about funding and grant opportunities
  • Development of an informative website

Fédération Des Associations Réflexion-Action, Prison Et Justice (Paris, France)

The aim of FARAPEJ is, "on the basis of the Declaration of Human Rights, to contribute to the improvement of the operation of the justice system and the police and to act to limit the destructive effects of prison". To this end, FARAPAPEJ brings together individuals and federated associations that work for justice and wish to develop a reflection in the service of action.

FARAPEJ was founded on 6 April 1991, under the sponsorship of 51 personalities from the world of Penitentiary Justice. It brings together seventy associations spread throughout France. These local, regional or national associations constitute a network of approximately 6,000 volunteers and 650 employees. In addition to the associations, there are individual members who contribute their skills and expertise.

The Federation's actions:

  • Animate the network and support members in their actions.
  • Training and informing actors in the field of prison justice
  • Support people facing imprisonment or criminal justice
  • To inform the general public on penitentiary and prison issues
  • To develop proposals to improve the operation of the justice system.

FORM2YOU (Sintra, Portugal)

Non-profit Association that aims to empower people, groups, organizations and communities to respond autonomously to the demands and needs of the social inclusion process. It also develops social activities aimed at children, youth, adults and the elderly.

Work areas:

  • Support a wide range of initiatives to promote social inclusion through culture, ranging from the promotion of artistic practices by and for disadvantaged groups, to the dissemination of accessible digital content, to the promotion of integrated projects with a cultural basis for local development, to integration into the labour market in socio-cultural areas, and also to the promotion of equal opportunities in cultural enjoyment.
  • To promote the social inclusion of children and young people from vulnerable socio-economic contexts, aiming at equal opportunities and the strengthening of social cohesion, prioritising the descendants of immigrants and disadvantaged communities.
  • Set of actions aimed at promoting the empowerment of potentially vulnerable groups, focusing primarily on the development of personal and social skills.


OUR COORDINATOR: Linc was born from the meeting of two stories. On the one hand, a cooperative recognized for its social work, support for returning to society and the world of work for people from problematic backgrounds, people with difficulties or who simply need an opportunity that no one has yet given them, on the other, an association that has brought together various professionals around the work of community planning, management and analysis of complex interventions aimed at territories, the passion for "construction" and the desire to network.

Thus, was born Linc, a name we care a lot about because it alludes to ties, to collaboration, to the idea that "nobody saves himself alone", to the path we have travelled and are following with our many partners. Linc was born to work together in the community.