Bairakli 50. Yil Ilkokulu, Turkey

Bairakli 50. Yil Illkokulu is a public, primary school that has 800 students and 45 teachers. It is located in a disadvantaged area. Among the students there are 94 students from Syria and 8 mentally and physically disabled students in special classes. There are four pre-school classes with 76 students. The school has 3 eTwinning European Quality label awards for their projects and have been chosen Star project in previous years. The school attended “Good examples in Education” competition which was organised by provincial directorate of national education among the Izmir schools and have become the third place among over 100 schools.

Asociatia Paradigme Educationale, Romania

APE was established with the aim of improving the quality and performance of the education provided, to gain an European dimension in order to share the best practices in the field of education and especially ICT integration in teaching activities (management, staff competences, new teaching methods and tools, language competences, organisation of teaching and learning) with others organizations. APE implements a wide variety of local, national and international activities carried out in cooperation with partner schools, evaluating international activities and the European dimension in the curriculum, disseminating the activities and outcomes, strengthening intercultural awareness.

Projecto Schole LDA, Portugal

Scholé is a private school offering learning activities to children and youngsters, from pre-school to high-school level.

Scholé is not a traditional school. It’s defined as a learning community based on the values of happiness, curiosity, autonomy, initiative and empathy. Children and youngsters are challenged to learn through project based learning, combining the curricula guidelines set by the public education guidelines but not being limited by it and combining the traditional subjects with the exploration of multiple artistic expressions. Scholé offers a modern and adaptable learning space, in which 75 children and youngsters can interact among themselves and with the local community, with the support of highly capable facilitators, to engage in learning activities, without losing the perspective of the individual, its needs, rhythm and happiness. Scholé staff is expert in pedagogy and learning communities, and namely in new and innovative pedagogies many times seen as alternative to the traditional school system.

Istituto Comprensivo “Egnazio Danti”, Italy

The school is located in Alatri, a rural area nearby the capital city (Rome). Is a comprehensive school compounded of two kindergartens, two primary schools and a secondary school level, it houses a school population of 1,203 pupils. The school has several open and covered spaces, including two libraries, an art workshop, three computer labs, a pottery workshop, a science lab, three indoor gyms, a multipurpose external field and an archive. Number of employees: 106 teachers. Number of students: 1203 KINDERGARTENS: pupils from 3 to 5 years. PRIMARY SCHOOL: pupils from 6 to 10 years SECONDARY SCHOOL: pupils from 11 to 13 years.

Egazio Danti uses experienced collaborative teaching. Starting from the youngest students two or three teachers co-teach different groups of children of kindergartens. Moreover, primary and secondary schools have built networks with different schools of the same territory. Almost all the teachers from different departments share everyday school activities, multidisplinary workshops and collaborative teaching. Following this innovative approach all the school curriculum is based on project-based learning and the vertical curriculum for skills which means that the curriculum is focused on student learning goals, including standards-based content and skills such as critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, and self-management.

Kalina Malina, Bulgaria

Kindergarten “Kalina Malina” is a municipal kindergarten opened in 1977 and is the largest in the Pazardjik region. There are 10 garden groups and 2 cluster groups. At this point Kalina Malina takes care of 380 children. The staff is 51 people, including 20 teachers, 1 music teacher, 5 nurses, 4 administrative staff and 20 support staff and 1 director. The kindergarten offers quality education and education for children aged 2-7. Children are educated in programs designated by the Ministry of Education. Priority in the work of teachers is the creative education of children through art, health education and a healthy lifestyle for children and their parents, keeping children in the nature, working with parents as partners in children’s education, preserving the traditions and folklore of Bulgarians, successful preparation of children for school and life.