EducaLife Egitim, Danismanlik, Proje, Spor, Tercumanlik, Turizm ve Seyahat Ltd.Sti (Ankara, Turkey)

EducaLife is based in Ankara and is an education, consultancy and technology enterprise. The company realizes social responsibility projects in the neighbourhood. They organises training programs on ICT, e-learning, animation, coding, HTML 5, C++, Unity and 3D Max and many other programs. The company creates animations, games, app, interactive e-learning content for educational purposes. The company is experienced in several applications and Moodle platform.

Stowarzyszenie Zalasowian (Małopolskie, Poland)

The aim of the association is:

- To work on the development of the village of Zalasowa in the cultural, economic and tourist sector.

- To inform the members of the Association and the whole society about the history, cultural and economic achievements of the region.

- Protection of nature, landscape and cultural monuments of Zalasowa and the Pogórze region.

- Maintaining, disseminating and protecting the folk culture and cultural heritage of Zalasowa and the Pogórze Region.

Actions of the association:

- To initiate, promote and participate in the implementation of cultural, economic, sports and tourist tasks for the inhabitants of the villages of Zalasowa, the Pogórze Region and the Tarnów Region.

- To promote the cultural achievements of the people of Zalasowa.

- To express public opinion and to cooperate with local government administration bodies, political and economic organisations, institutions, workplaces and associations with a similar scope of activity in the country and abroad.

Cubuk Halk Egitimi Merkezi (Ankara, Turquía)

The Management of Çubuk Public Education Centre organises its activities effectively, economically and dynamically in accordance with the interests, wishes and expectations of the people; it provides education, culture, art production and guidance services.


To ensure that our national cultural values are protected, developed, promoted and adapted. To this end, we research folk dances, folk costumes and handicrafts that have been forgotten. We have preventative and developmental courses and we carry out

Within our courses, we offer:

  • Research in music
  • Theatre
  • Folk dances
  • Related subjects in order to help people to evaluate their free time, acquire useful and good habits and develop their sense of unity.

Europroodos Educational Group Single Member Private Company (Larissa, Grecia)

EUROPROODOS Group operates since 1994 as an independent legal entity for the implementation of Lifelong Learning Programmes, aimed at unemployed, employed, self-employed and socially sensitive groups, as well as activities related to this activity.

It is one of the first private organizations in Greece in the field of vocational training, which has trained and certified until today more than 30.000 people, constantly investing in modern training programs, enriching their skills.

In its trajectory, EUROPROODOS Group has successfully participated in the following actions:

  • Implementation of continuing vocational training and lifelong learning programmes for unemployed, employed, self-employed and people belonging to sensitive social groups.
  • Elaboration of integrated training packages for human resource development in companies
  • Development of research and studies
  • Counselling for persons belonging to vulnerable social groups

Universitatea Ovidius Din Constanta (Constanta, Romania)

Ovidius University is the the largest European university at the Black Sea. It’s situated in Constanța, the largest city in Dobruja and Southest Romania.

Ovidius University is a public higher education institution established in 1961. In 1990, it has become a comprehensive university, with bachelor's, master's and doctoral study programs at high European quality standards. The University has been granted a HIGH DEGREE OF CONFIDENCE by national and international accreditation institutions.

Ovidius University is a comprehensive, multicultural higher education institution, with the mission to create, maintain and disseminate knowledge to the society through education, research and artistic creation at European standards. The university is actively engaged in the community, but with an impact on the entire Black Sea region, Europe, and beyond.

We are a gateway to Europe and we aspire to attract a higher number of domestic and international students, as well as outstanding academic staff. We strive to offer bachelor's, master's and doctoral study programs at high European quality standards, to train the graduates for the competitive labour-markets in Romania, the European Union and worldwide.