EducaLife Egitim, Danismanlik, Proje, Spor, Tercumanlik, Turizm ve Seyahat Ltd.Sti. Turkey

EducaLife is based in Ankara and is an education, consultancy and technology enterprise. The company realizes social responsibility projects in the neighbourhood. It is organizing training programs on ICT, e-learning, animation, coding, HTML 5, C++, Unity and 3D Max and many other programs. The company creates animations, games, app, interactive e-learning content for educational purposes. The company is experienced in several applications and Moodle platform.


Universal Certification Solutions-UNICERT is a Certification Body that provides certification services both for individuals and legal entities. In the field of certification of professional qualifications UNICERT is accredited by E.O.P.P.E.P. (National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance) Board of Directors â to certify individuals in IT Knowledge of Computer Use, as well as by E.SY.D. (Hellenic Accreditation System) according to the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard (Unicert disposes 62 certifications schemes and constantly develops new ones according to the market needs). Additionally, in the field of the Certification of Management Systems addressed to legal entities, UNICERT is accredited by E.SY.D. for providing certification services according to the standards of EN ISO 9001:2015- Quality Management Systems and EN ISO/ 27001:2013- Information Security Management Systems. The certification process is conducted with impartiality based on substantiated competency, while, at the same time, it awards recognized and valid certificates, equivalent to those awarded by the National Accreditation Bodies of the Countries-States of E.A. (European Cooperation for Accreditation).


UNICERT aims to fully meet the needs for certification of every interested party with commitment to quality services and flexible solutions. Its executives’ longstanding experience in the certification field is an asset for good cooperation, as it assesses and meets it associates’ demands.

Kizilcahamam Halk Egitim Merkezi Turkey

Is an adult education institution founded in 1966 and works in the areas of education and training.

It organises general, cultural, sport and artistic courses in order to contribute to the personal and academic development of adults. In cooperation with the Municipality of Kızılcahamam, it also delivers training courses for disabled people. More than 200 courses were opened in 2017-2018 period and more than 3000 participants were trained.

Some of topics of the courses delivered at the moment are: tree pruning, computer skills, tile and ceramic shaping, office management, skin care, child development, decorative home accessories making, leather bags, marbling art, hand and machine embroideries, real estate consulting, fitness, folk dances, women's clothes sewing, goat breeding, canteen management, personal development, masseur & masseuse, literacy and occupational training courses.

STI Holland Solution Training Institute Holland, Haarlem, Holland.

It is an institute wants to be an institute providing valuable and confidence services. The services are based purely on quality according to European standards. We try to find the most appropriate experts for each training. This is how we want to keep our targets high and how we want to execute our projects successfully.

Our Values:

  • Transparency and Tolerance
  • Neutrality and Stability
  • Innovative Target
  • Reliability and Clearness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Respect to Cultural and Social Values


Our institute aims universal standards in carrying out activities of training services, individual development for the access to information, to produce the information on the application and to provide services for propagation.


We will be the most reliable, the highest quality service provided and most innovative institute in our field with EU standards.


It is an institution with a wide experience in the consulting services of Safety, Hygiene and Occupational Health, by the elements that founded the institution, as well as, in Training in the same area, with a constant investment in the improvement of technical and human resources, specialized in the areas of Safety, Hygiene and Occupational Health, Hygiene and Food Safety, is prepared to respond with efficiency and quality to the needs of the client companies in those areas.

The company is equipped with permanent facilities (offices and laboratories) in the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, equipment for the evaluation of hygiene and safety conditions at work and has in its personnel, technicians and technicians of hygiene and Safety at Work properly qualified.

PREVIFORM - LABORATORY, TRAINING, HYGIENE AND LABOR SAFETY, LDA, is thus qualified to guarantee its clients the provision of services of Hygiene and Safety at Work and Hygiene and Food Safety with quality and in accordance with the provisions of current legislation specific to these activities.