The European Institute for Local Development (EILD), was founded in 2009 as an independent non-governmental organization whose members are European citizens, entities and organizations devoted on supporting regional development activities and transnational collaboration.

The General Committee consists of local development stakeholders and industry leaders from various sectors and European Member States: academics, NGOs, development agents, association managers, civil servants, and social economy companies, as well as European organizations for local development.

European Institute for Local Development’s mission is to provide innovative tools for the sustainability of regions across EU while promoting experience sharing between its members and partners. Fundamentally, EILD seeks to practically support and advance international cooperation, skillful networking and further progress and growth of EU citizens by providing direct solutions to European needs. Since its establishment, EILD has been continually growing claiming its position and promoting its core values to both national and international level.

EILD coordinates activities and leads programs across Europe through its secretariat based in Greece through our European consultants. Our staff members comprises of policy professionals and consultants experienced in implementing educational programs and regional activities promoting cooperation and sustainable regional development in remote or hard to access areas. We participate and lead global actions and initiatives that contribute to regional development across the globe.

The Institute stands by contributing to the structure of a more balanced way of living through economic, social, and environmentally beneficial initiatives that actively enhance citizens' quality of life.


Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation (CPMF) was founded in Pleven in 2014. Its team consists of journalism and humanitarian educated people and volunteers. CPMF is the successor of the regional daily newspaper "Posrednik", published from 1991 to 2015, which now, as an online medium, continues the newspaper's mission to be a driver of public processes.

CPMF is an institution advocating civic education, for the construction and activation of civil society. The informal discussion club "Pleven 13", created by the foundation, is a space to discuss current local issues and has achieved several important breakthroughs in our community: promoting civic activity and, in particular, is a priority for our foundation. We encourage intergenerational meetings and debates so that the European project is presented as history and experience and enriched by the ideas of young people.

The sustainable co-development of European countries and the strengthening of horizontal and vertical dialogue is a mission of the CPMF.

August Vermeylenfonds

Vermeylenfonds vzw, The August Vermeylenfonds is a cultural association that existed since 1946. In those days, Vermeylenfonds was founded by a group of freethinkers and humanists who wanted to preserve and keep alive the writings and ideas of August Vermeylen, former and humanists who wanted to preserve and keep alive the writings and ideas of August Vermeylen, former professor, university rector and important voice in the world of Flemish literature and culture. Flemish literature and culture. Since then, August Vermeylenfonds is a non-profit organisation based in Ghent, Belgium.

August Vermeylenfonds is represented in 65 locations throughout Flanders. Each of these 65 divisions is made up of a group of volunteers who make up our divisions. With the logistical, financial, and content support of a small but efficient team, each division organizes activities for adults (non-formal and informal learning). These activities range from polarisation talks on group visits to museums to small activities with a clear and effective impact on society.

We make additional efforts to empower vulnerable people (e.g., people living in poverty, newcomers, and prisoners). In total we have 420 volunteers, a national board of 14 members and a staff of 9 enthusiastic employees. We focus on the social aspects of language and cultural expression, the multiple literacy, (language, image, cultural) and community building. These objectives form the heart of our mission and vision.

We have strong and explicit values. We stand for an inclusive and tolerant society, where solidarity, pluralism and democratic processes are the key words.

We believe in freedom of expression, freedom of thought and the right to one's own choices, ways of life, gender, ideas, philosophy of life, religion, etc. The solid and important basis of these values is the Human Rights Treaty, which we endorse and support. Therewith, we reach thousands of members and contacts, we have more than 500 public events every year and more than ten thousand participants.

We have a board of academic experts (in the tradition with August Vermeylen himself) and strong connections with the University of Ghent (Ugent), Hogent, the Artevelde school and the University of Brussels (VVUB). August Vermeylenfonds receives public funding from the Flemish government to pursue its social and cultural goals.