CITIZENSLAB (Berlin,Germany)

CitizensLab is a European network of local actors/practitioners of change. Born in 2016, this network has been experimenting, prototyping and inventing with citizens new forms of expression.

CitizensLab is a space where individuals can cultivate themselves, their own personal transformation in order to co-create the commons of democracy that lead to radical changes of governance. They work towards seeing themselves, individually and collectively, and all people of wider Europe, being core and part of collectively caring for the governance of our lives, it is defined Democracy as Commons.

The aim of CitizensLab is to connect and strengthen active citizens from all sectors of society that are passionate about their local communities. The CitizensLab alumni members (people) represent a diverse spectrum of active citizens engaged in NGOs and public administration, but also social entrepreneurs, cultural managers, artists, hacktivists or academics that have been involved in the piloting phase of CLab.

CitizensLab aim to provide solution for contemporary challenges by innovating, experimenting, constant learning and adapting in order to let a systematic change to emerge.

ASOCIATIA EUROPANET (Iasi, Nord-Est, Romania)

EuropaNet is a place to find information on health-related topics. The association also seeks to cover different aspects of healthy living, such as beauty, sexuality and fitness, weight loss.

To do this, he undertakes to disseminate various articles with the intention of raising awareness and providing knowledge on the different topics covered.

The purpose of EuropaNet is to spread knowledge about a healthy lifestyle in Romania.

Their aim is to make every Romanian aware of the importance of health.

Associação para a Ação Educativa Cultural e Desportiva Form2you (Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal)

Form2you is a non-profit Association that aims to empower people, groups, organizations and communities to respond autonomously to the demands and needs of the social inclusion process. It also develops social activities aimed at children, youth, adults and the elderly.

The main goals are:

  • To support a wide range of initiatives to promote social inclusion through culture
  • To promote the social inclusion of children and young people from vulnerable socio-economic contexts
  • Adopt a set of actions aimed at promoting the empowerment of potentially vulnerable groups

Form2You in doing all this sets itself several objectives, among which that of promoting social justice and inclusion of vulnerable groups, working in the field of human rights and equal treatment by combating any discrimination and organizing voluntary and social solidarity activities.

To achieve its goals, there are countless activities that Form2you carries out and that intend to carry out.

Linc SCS Onlus

Linc SCS Onlus is a non-profit social cooperative operating in the field of community psychology. It was born from the meeting of a social cooperative and an association and together they operate for the planning of community.

Linc run the planning of projects in every phase even for European projects, following the partners every step of the way: from the search for tenders to the realisation of the project and its evaluation.

  • Community: work on the realisation of individual and local resources
  • School: facilitate an efficient adaptation towards the challenges
  • Health: welfare and health, Linc help the interaction between biological, social and psychological factors
  • Education: training intervention starting from an exploration of the needs

With his work Linc aim to explicit and integrate the needs of everyone, searching for a continuous design and scientific insight in their activities. They collaborate to give the community the proper awareness tools and implement an integrated rehabilitation in the healthcare.

Linc in Italian is the acronym for Working Together In the Community, but it also alludes to the English word link and alludes to ties, to collaboration, to the idea that "nobody saves himself alone".

OUR COORDINATOR: Arci Comitato Territoriale Livorno APS (Livorno, Toscana, Italy)

Arci is a voluntary association founded in 1995 to promote the culture of solidarity in politics and institutions and to practice voluntary activities as solidarity support for the weakest groups.

The association is committed to policies for the inclusion of socially disadvantaged people from the world of exclusion and social hardship.

Arci has always played a role in promoting culture with the awareness that culture is a decisive element in the progress and growth of a community.

In recent years, Arci has focused its activity on the promotion of those realities of the territory that try to express themselves by giving priority to originality and experimentation with new languages. They have done this through various initiatives in the territory.

Thanks to a constant and in-depth analysis of the needs of the territory, Arci has managed to respond to the needs of the territory with services aimed at users with multifactorial problems of discomfort, with strong connotations of marginality and social exclusion and to invest in the resources and capacities of the users themselves and reinvest them in socio-rehabilitative circuits, focusing on autonomy and empowerment.