36,6 Centrum Kompetencji (Łódź, Poland)

36,6 Centrum Kompetencji is working with the support of well-qualified experts in the fields of research, education, culture and vocational guidance, to help people to reach a work-life balance. It wants everyone to have that kind of guarantee for healthy society and work balance, healthy in many ways leading to quality of life. The strategy is based on the satisfaction of the ‘4e’:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Entertainment (private sphere)
  • Environment

It also carries research to assess the social impact of work-life linked training. Research was led in many various fields such as renewable energy sources, chemical industry, lone parenthood, truck-driver’s sectors, circular economy, and many more.

It has also launched recently Sport Unit, to promote sport among its partners.



We are a team of people who form the non-profit educational and consulting organization Spiralis. Since 1999, we have been cultivating civil society, supporting charitable organizations, advocating favorable conditions for their activities and supporting the development of active citizens. We create opportunities to connect and cooperate with people from all parts of society to build a free and democratic Czech Republic. We are a sought-after creator and partner of public benefit projects and activities at local, regional, national and international levels. We help more than 100 non-profit organizations and more than 600 people a year.

Professionalism, humanity, collaboration and support are the principles we stand for.



In 2017, the Open Society Foundation was re-established with the aim of developing activities in the fields of civil society, education, science, culture, law, free expression of society and independent media. It also aims to strengthen the protection of fundamental human rights in Lithuania and Europe, to reduce discrimination and promote tolerance in society, and to strengthen and empower communities and non-governmental organisations.

We aim to positively influence the changing idea of Europe and to develop the concept of European values: we organise intellectual debates, provide conceptual insights and foster a culture of dialogue. We work with academics, young people and other partners to reflect on EU issues and perspectives.


Udruzenje Gradjana Centar Za Razvoj Manjinskih I Lokalnih Medija Minority & Local Media Development Center

Heror Media Pont is a media agency that focuses on topics related to the visibility and presence of a wide spectrum of minority communities in public dialogue.

A communication platform has been established, communicated by a conference that has been held since November 2012. The first five editions of this event dealt with regional reflection on the position of minority and local media.

Since November 2017 this event has grown to a European level and in the period until 2021 builds a complete system within the Platform PLUS project Novi Sad ECC 2021.

The promotion of minority languages ​​and media in minority languages ​​is successfully implemented through the manifestation “Pod krošnjama na Štrandu”, which has been continuously implemented since 2013 with the Library of the City of Novi Sad.

Heror Media Pont has formed a minority media pool towards the advertising market and provides customers with a simple and functional approach to these media.


Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV)

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV) was founded in 2004 in Dresden and is dedicated to Education, Culture and Art. We are a team of project managers, event managers, political scientists, sociologists, historians, youth workers, artists, designers and film makers who wish to make Dresden and other cities in Europe better places to live, grow, create and peacefully co-exist.

Our main goal is to promote diversity, equality and inclusion, foster active participation, civic engagement and social innovation.  To achieve our goal, we design and carry out educational, creative and cultural activities on-site and abroad which encourage cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Through the implementation of educational, art and cross-cultural activities, we strive to develop young people (18+) and adults’ soft and professional skills, digital and ICT skills, stimulate entrepreneurial initiative, raise their environmental awareness and boost their creativity by means of non-formal learning methods whilst enriching the cultural life of Dresden.