The first LTTA of the Estrecomp project took place in Turin, Italy, hosted by our Italian partners, Progetto Marconi, in this meeting highly expected by the consortium.

During three days (09/08/21 - 11/08/21), the partners presented the work done so far and agreed on the next steps, in particular:

  • Overview on ENTRECOMP Good practices for adults with low skills in Italy and participants countries.
  • To facilitate participants sharing good practices in the field of entrepreneurship education
  • How to follow to the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework: AREA 1: Ideas and Opportunities.
  • How to improve competences in adult’s educators to develop skills in adults with low entrepreneurial skills, working on ENTRECOMP Framework.
  • How to support adults who want to be entrepreneurs to analyse ideas and find opportunities (working on models of training methodologies).

In addition, we have settled the details for our next meeting in October in Granada.

We keep moving forward team!!!

Today, 9 April 2021, we held the online meeting for the launch of the EstreComp project, coordinated by AIFED in collaboration with 4 high-level international partners from Austria (Austrian Association of Inclusive Society, AIS), Germany (Systeme in Bewegung e. V., Winsen), Italy (Progetto Marconi) and Serbia (EUROPEAN ALPE ADRIA PANNONIA CLUSTER).

The main objectives of the meeting have been:

- To set clear project management procedures, practices and instruments.
- To agree on the next steps of the research.
- To explore and understand financial rules and official documents needed.
- To update the project calendar and decide on the tasks to be completed by the time of the interim report.
- To explore possible risks and measures to prevent them.

We have set the basis for the development of our project and it has been a fantastic meeting thanks to the participation of our partners!

Estrecomp – Online meeting (ERASMUS + 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081988)

On 15 of January 2020 we have held online the first meeting of the newest project of AIFED. In the meeting representatives of the partner organisations of the project were present.

The meeting had as main objective to give an energetic start for the project, agree on a detailed working programme and management procedures.

All the team members are looking forward for the implementation of the project. Stay tuned to our website for more news about this project.


Branding entrepreneurial competences – Entrecom for adults living in rural communities.

 Erasmus + 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081988

Branding entrepreneurial competences- Entrecom for adults living in rural communities is an Exchange of Good Practices Project that is planned to take place during 24 months starting with September 2020.

The project involves a consortium formed from 5 partners with AIFED – Asociacion de Innovacion Formacion y empleo para el desarrollo sostenible as the lead partner together with Systeme in Bewegung e.v. from Germany, Europski klaster alpe adria pannonia from Serbia, Associazione Progetto Marconi from Italy, Austrian association of inclusive society from Austria.

The project is set in the context of the current challenges Spain and European societies are facing: reductions in the budgets dedicated to PAC and the current crisis caused by Corona virus. In these crucial times, action has to be taken before we will have to face the huge economic impact this virus will bring to European markets. In these situations, one must think strategically and act with precautions. The actions we take now can make the difference between the future generations will live in.

Therefore, the current project is addressing the needs of improvement key skills of two socially disadvantaged groups: women and migrants, with a focus on the members of these groups living in the rural areas.

The main aim of the current projects is: increase the quality of the practices and methods used in the process of the development of entrepreneurial competences of the people living in the rural areas of Europe, with a focus on socially disadvantaged groups, in order to rejuvenate the economies and bring betterment to all the communities.

The project will carry out two transnational project meetings and three Short-term joint staff training events as following:

  1. Kick off meeting Spain

The kick of meeting will establish the framework for the project implementation and guidelines ensuring that the project reaches its proposed objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner. Team members of each of the partners will work on establishing: platforms and templates to be used during the development of the project, monitoring and reporting documents as well as criteria for checking the achievement of the planned indicators.

  1. Final Evaluation Meeting – Germany

During this meeting the partners will evaluate the project implementation and how the project reached the planned indicators (based on the monitoring results, intermediary reports, feed-back and evaluations of participants and beneficiaries) they will present the results of the local focus groups and there will be a presentation of the booklet prepared by the German partner that presents the best practices found and the results of the activities at local level.

Short-term joint staff training events

  1. EntreComp conceptual model, Area 1. Ideas and opportunities

Venue: Italy, Duration: 3 days

The Italian partner leading the first Short-term joint staff training event is expert in creative teaching methodologies. The first training corresponds to Area 1 of the EntreComp Conceptual model: Ideas and opportunities.

  1. EntreComp conceptual model, Area 2. Resources

Venue: Serbia, Duration: 3 days

The second training is hosted by the Serbian partner that is experienced in working with entrepreneur women living in the rural areas. The topic of this training is based on the Area 2 of the model: Resources and its constituent parts: self-awareness and self-efficacy, motivation and perseverance, mobilizing resources, financial and economic literacy, mobilizing others.

  1. EntreComp conceptual model, Area 3. Into Action

Venue: Austria, Duration: 3 days

The last training will be focused on the block of competences under Area 3: Into action – 3.1 Taking the initiative, Planning and management, Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk, Working with others, Learning through experience.

As an exchange of good practices, the project is expected to have results over several areas and target groups:

–              The good practices found, together with the info resulted from the local activities (like the local focus groups, meetings with beneficiaries and other stakeholders at local level etc.) will be compiled in booklet available in all the partner languages and English

–              Increased activity of the target groups at local level, invitation to the cooperation for several stakeholders and institutions which are interested in the development of the internship environment in the rural environment

–              The creation of a network of institutions that support the entrepreneurial education of adults living in rural areas

–              Raised awareness of public and private stakeholders that can support the development of small businesses run by adults living in rural environment

–              Tangible exchange of good practices in the field of entrepreneurial education for adults living in rural areas