Due to the Transnational Project Meeting of the project and the improvement of the situation in the partner countries, we were able to hold this meeting in Granada.

The partners worked on the next steps of the project and set the dates for the next meetings:

  • Serbia (11-13 April) We will work on the second area of the EntreComp Framework: Resources and low-skilled people.
  • Austria (29-31 May) Third area of the EntreComp Framework: In action and migrants.
  • Germany (11-12 July) Final project meeting.

After having previously worked with women in rural areas, the consortium has established the questions for the future interviews with the other two target groups (low-skilled and migrants). These questions will be based on the 5 key competences of the respective target areas of the EntreComp framework. In addition, we will ask questions to the professionals advising and supporting these groups.

We are still looking forward to making progress in the project and to be able to draw some contrasted conclusions after the interviews in the different countries of the consortium. Let's go on!

The Estrecomp newsletter is now available!

We have presented the project's newsletter, which compiles all our activities carried out so far.

It has been sent to public institutions, agricultural organisations and women's associations with the aim of expanding our network and making the project as widely known as possible.

We are progressing with vigour!


The first LTTA of the Estrecomp project took place in Turin, Italy, hosted by our Italian partners, Progetto Marconi, in this meeting highly expected by the consortium.

During three days (09/08/21 - 11/08/21), the partners presented the work done so far and agreed on the next steps, in particular:

  • Overview on ENTRECOMP Good practices for adults with low skills in Italy and participants countries.
  • To facilitate participants sharing good practices in the field of entrepreneurship education
  • How to follow to the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework: AREA 1: Ideas and Opportunities.
  • How to improve competences in adult’s educators to develop skills in adults with low entrepreneurial skills, working on ENTRECOMP Framework.
  • How to support adults who want to be entrepreneurs to analyse ideas and find opportunities (working on models of training methodologies).

In addition, we have settled the details for our next meeting in October in Granada.

We keep moving forward team!!!

Today, 9 April 2021, we held the online meeting for the launch of the EstreComp project, coordinated by AIFED in collaboration with 4 high-level international partners from Austria (Austrian Association of Inclusive Society, AIS), Germany (Systeme in Bewegung e. V., Winsen), Italy (Progetto Marconi) and Serbia (EUROPEAN ALPE ADRIA PANNONIA CLUSTER).

The main objectives of the meeting have been:

- To set clear project management procedures, practices and instruments.
- To agree on the next steps of the research.
- To explore and understand financial rules and official documents needed.
- To update the project calendar and decide on the tasks to be completed by the time of the interim report.
- To explore possible risks and measures to prevent them.

We have set the basis for the development of our project and it has been a fantastic meeting thanks to the participation of our partners!